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2009-2010 下学期小学英语四年级期末考试试卷


( )1、A、naughty B、nice C、cool D、west

( )2、A、New York B、San Francisco C、London D、Great Wall ( )3、A、bigger B、winter C、better D、taller ( )4、A、fell B、went C、wide D、bought ( )5、A、east B、west C、city D、south ( )6、A、happen B、old C、young D、strong

( )7、A、Monday B、Wednesday C、holiday D、Tuesday ( )8、A、zither B、guitar C、drum D、picnic

二、单项选择,将最佳答案的选项写在括号里。 (18分)

( )1、Beijing is the capital ____ China.

A、in B、off C、of

( )2、--Will robots do everything? --No, they ____.

A、won’t B、will C、aren’t

( )3、Both Amy and Tom like playing the zither, but Amy is much ___

than Tom.

A、good B、better C、best

( )4、Peter ____cute then and he ____two years old.

A、was, was B、is, was C、was, is

( )5、Yesterday, I ___ an accident on the way to Super Park.

A、have B、had C、has

( )6、Look at ____ little sister, she is so cute.

A、Amy B、Amy’s C、Amys

( )7、I ____take my kite and my ball on Saturday

A、am B、will C、was

( )8、We ____ our grandparents last weekend.

A、visits B、visit C、visited

( )9、Young Sam fell ____ his bike.

A、of B、off C、on

( )10、The watermelon on Tom’s bike ____ my head yesterday.

A、bump B、bumped C、bumping

( )11、We ____ for a bike ride last night.

A、go B、goes C、went

( )12、It ___ at last night.

A、happen B、happened C、happens ( )13、The day after Saturday is ____ .

A、Thursday B、Friday C、Sunday ( )15、It ____be windy in Beijing.

A、going B、is C、will

( )16、We are ___ to have a picnic.

A、go B、going C、goes

( )17、Tian’ an men Square is in Beijing. It’s very ____.

A、long B、new C、big

( )18、I will go to play basketball tomorrow, because it will be ____.

A、cold B、windy C、sunny


( ) 1、Where is New York ? A、I live in Beijing.

( ) 2、Where do you live? B、Yes, It will.

( ) 3、Who are they? C、They are my grandparents.

( ) 4、What’s this? D、It’s in the east.

( )5、Will it be windy in Tianjin? E、It’s a robot.


This is the map of China. In the north, it’s Harbin. Shanghai is in the east. Sanya is in the south. Lhasa is in the west.

Shanghai north

Sanya south

Harbin west

Lhasa east


1、Polly’s hair is ______ than Molly’s.

2、Sam _____ to school yesterday.

3、Amy ______ off the tree.

4、A month ago, Lingling ______ the 100 metres.

5、Xiaoyong ______ some sweets yesterday afternoon.

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