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五上课文Unit ONE

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Unit ONE

Let’s start

Do you have new teachers?

Yes. We have a new math teacher. He’s tall and strong. Let’s chant

My math teacher is very smart.

My English teacher has a kind heart.

My P.E. teacher is very strong.

My music teacher sings nice songs.

They help us learn. They help us play.

When school is over, I want to stay.


That is our new science teacher!

Hello! I’m your new music teacher.


Do you have new teachers?

Yes. We have a new art teacher.

He’s tall and thin.


Let’s learn

Who’s your art teacher?

Mr Hu.

What’s he like?

He’s short and thin.

Let’s find out

Our math teacher is very young.

He’s short and thin. He’s very funny.

We all like him.

Who is he?

Let’s talk

Amy: Who’s your math teacher?

Chen: Mr Zhao.

Amy: What’s he like?

Chen: He’s thin and short. He’s very kind.

Read and write

Zhang: I have three new teachers.

Tim: Who are they?

Zhang: A science teacher, an art teacher and an English teacher. Tim: Who’s your English teacher?

Zhang: Mr Carter. He’s from Canada.

Tim: What’s he like?

Zhang:He’s tall and strong. He’s very funny. Tim: I know. He’s my father.

Zhang: Really?!

Pair work Who’s that man?

He’s our math teacher.

What’s he like?

He’s tall and strong.

Let’s learn Who’s your principal? ‘

Miss Lin.

I she young?

No, she’s old.

She’s very kind.

Let’s talk Helen: who’s that young lady?

John: She’s our principal.

Helen: Is she strict?

John: Yes, she is.

Helen: Is she active?

John: No, she isn’t. She’s quit.

Group work

She’s our teacher. Who is she? Guess!

Oh, she’s Miss Wu, our math teacher.

Is she strict?

Yes, but she’s very kind.

Is she old?

No, she is young.

Read and write

Jim: I have a new math teacher. Her class is so much fun. John: Really? What’s she like?

Jim: She’s young and pretty. She’s a university student. John: Is she quiet?

Jim: No, she isn’t. She’s very active.

John: Is she strict?

Jim: Yes, she is, but she’s very kind.

John: Cool!

Talk and draw

I have a new teacher. I like him.

What’s he like?

He’s tall and thin.

I have a new teacher. He’s short and thin.

Is he strict?

Yes, but he’s very funny.


Task time

Guess! He’s tall and thin. Who’s he?

He’s our math teacher!

Is he strict?

Yes, he is. But he’s very kind.

It’s for our art teacher!

Yes, you’re right.


A sheep eats beef and drinks green tea. Eat your meat and your peach!

A black bird eats black bread.

Good to know Who’s that man?

He’s our new principal. His name is Liu Guoqiang. Hello, Mr Guoqiang.

No, please call me Guoqiang or Mr Liu. Story time

Zip: We have a new P.E. teacher!

Zebra: Really? What’s he like?

Monkey: Is he tall and strong?

Zip: I don’t know. He was a football player.

Dog: He’s tall and strong. That’s for sure.

Zip: Shoot!

Zoom: Ah! Missed it!

Rabbit:Can I john you?

Zoom: You’re thin and short. Can you play football?

Rabbit: Let me try.

Rabbit:Ten to three! We won!

Zip:You’re great!

Dog: Our new P.E teacher is a football player, too. He’s tall and strong. Rabbit: I’m your new P.E teacher.

Animals: Ah?!

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