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四年级下册英语综合测试卷 姓名:________ 班级:________

一、 想一想,写一写。(14分)

例:do——( did ) 1、cook——( ) 2、talk——( )

3、( )——helped 4、( )——laughed 5、( )——listened

6、watch——( ) 7、play——( ) 8、go ——( )

9、buy——( ) 10、sing——( ) 11、( )——danced

12、( )——drank 13、cook——( ) 14、cook——( )


1、Wednesday 2、brother 3、went 4、cousin 5、Thursday 6、fell 7、 rain

8、sister 9、Friday 10、snow 11、Tuesday 12、 sunny 13、grandpa 14、hot

15、windy 16、talked 17、mother 18、found 19、Monday 20、took 日期类:____________________________; 天气类:__________________________; 家庭成员类:_____________________ ;动词过去式类:______________________.

3、写出下列单词的反义词。( 10分 )

young ——( ) tall ——( ) good ——( )

long ——( ) clean ——( ) little ——( )

then —— ( ) new ——( ) fat ——( )

small —— ( )


1. Was it strong then ? A. I played football .

2. Did you do your homework ? B .Yes, he did.

3.Are you naughty now ? C. Yes, it was.

4. What did you do last weekend? D.No , I am not.

5.Did he walk in the park ? E. No , I didn’t.

6.What music do you like ? F. No , I have a fever.

7. Did you have a cold ? G. I like Pop music.

8. where does he live ? H.It’s a big tree.

9. Who are they ? I . he lives in Sanya.

10. What this ? J. They are my little brother.



( )1.What’s that ? A.They are my aunt.

( )2.Who are they ? B. Yes , I did.

( )3.Has he got a bike ? C. It’s a parrot.

( )4.Were you short then ? D.No,he walks to school. ( )5.Did you have a cold? E.Yes , I was.


1、 had he a headache(.) 2、fell his off Sam bike(.)

3、do will robots everything (.) 4、you school were yesterday at (?)

5. it yesterday was London in sunny(?) 6.will robots everything do(.)


( )1. A. had B. fall C. bought

( )2. A. old B. long C. park

( )3. A. his B. her C. they

( )4. A. young B. big C. sing

( )5. A. bump B. headache C. stomachache


1.Who’s that girl ? —It’s________.

A. I B. me C. she

2.He wasn’t ________ then. He was thin.

A. fat B. thin C. short

3.What ______this ?

A. is B. are C. it

4.I________do my homework yesterday .

A. wasn’t B.am not C.didn’t

5.Amy will ______ a picture tomorrow .

A. drawing B. going to draw C. draw

6.Mum, we _______ a party last Monday.

A. have B . has C. had

7.Tell me _______ your picnic.

A. at B. about C. with

8.He ________ TV yesterday.

A. watch B. watches C. watched

9.We went to zoo ________ bus.

A. by B. in C. on

10.Were you at school yesterday? ——No,____________.

A. I was B. I weren’t C. I wasn’t


(一) Yesterday was Saturday . It waa a busy day. In the moring,Amy got up early to help her mother cook breakfast.Then she cleaned the house and washed clothes . After a short rest , she went to the supermarket with her mother . They bought lots of vegetables , food and fruits . She was very tired . In the evening , she watched TV and went to bed early.

1.Saturday was a busy day. ( )

2. Amy got up early and do morning exercises. ( )

3. Amy didn’t clean the house. ( )

4. Amy and her mother went to the supermarket . ( )

5.Her mother went to bed early. ( )

(二)Last weekend was a nice day . It was warm . In the morning , we walked in the park. It was beautiful. Dad and Mum talked to some friends. Tom and I played football and danced in the park. We were very happy. In the afternoon, we went to a shop. We saw a lot of computers. A new computer had big screen and it’s cheap(便宜的). We bought the computer. We took it home.

1.It rained last weekend . ( )

2. Dad and Mum talked to the friends in the park. ( )

3. Tom and I played basketball in the park. ( )

4. We bought a new computer. ( )

5. The computer was expensive and it had big screen. ( )十、用上下面的单词,写一篇小短文。(15分)

Sunday park play football watch TV read books




1.fat___ 2.tall____ 3.naughty_____ 4.old_____ 5.big______

6.long_____7.young_____8.white_____ 9.slow____ 10.clean_____


1. wash _____ 2.are_____ 3.do_____4.have____ 5.is_____

6.drink_____ 7.sing_____ 8.fall_____ 9.buy_____ 10.help_____


16.find_____17.see____ 18.am_____ 19eat_____ 20.bump_____

21.cook_____ 22.ride_____ 23.carry_____


1.在度假_____________ 2.有点害羞___________________

3.帮助孩子们学习___________ 4.玩得开心_________________

5.在阳光下玩___________ 6.做她的家庭作业_____________

7.听音乐___________ 8.接电话_______________

8.visit his grandparents__________8. make a poster ________ 9.What about…? ________ 10. take me to the hospital____________11. Why not? ________ 12.go for a bike ride______________

13.fall down_______ 14.go to the doctor______________

15.have got a stomach ache________ 16.fall off his bike________


1.chocolate 2.stomachache 3.bought 4.hungry 5.headache

7.watermelon8.thirty9.fever10.were11.sunny12. bread






( ) 1. Were you at home yesterday?

A. Yes, I were . B. No, I were . C. Yes, I was.

( ) 2.It’s a book ___ Hainan.A. to B. about C. and

( )3.We are going to __ a picnic. A. help B. have C. take

( ) 4. Today is ____ and tomorrow is Wednesday.

A. Tuesday B. Thursday C. Sunday

( )5. These ____ my friends. A. is B. are C. am

( ) 6. He will _____ his mother____ Monday.

A. helps, on B. help, in C. help, on

( ) 7. One day, robot will do _____.A. everything B. cakes C.learn

( )8.It will____ rain in Beijing. A. be B.不填 C. to

( )9.A:Will you read your book? B:______

A. Yes, I do. B. Yes, I will. C. No, I will. 6.had

( ) 10. The robot can ____.A. walk B. walking C. to walk

( )11.Is it cold ____ London? A. at B. on C. in

( ) 12. Did they___ in the park? No, they ____

A. walked, did B. walk, did C.walk,didn’t

( )13.Sam __ off his bike last week. A. fall B. falls C. fell Dfalled

( )14.He didn’t___ Mum yesterday. He____ swimming.

A. helped, goed B. helped, went C.help,went

( )15.I didn’t__ to my friends yesterday. A.talked B.talk C.talking

( )16.What will Amy ____ tomorrow? A. does B.did C.do

( )17.Yesterday it ____a sunny day. But tomorrow it ___ cloudy.

A. is, will be B. was, will be C. was, will

( )18.She wasn’t ____ then. She was _____ .

A. fat, thin B. fat, short C. young, strong

( )19.Did you play ____football ______?

A. the,next week B.不填,tomorrow C.不填,yesterday

( )20.Were you naughty then?_____

A. No, I wasn’t. B. No, I weren’t. C. No, I didn’t.


1.today, fever, she, has, a, got


2. cooked, fish, yesterday, Grandma


3.is, small, Amy’s, beautiful, house, but


4.take, you, a, ball, Will ,on,Suday?



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