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小学四年级期末英语测试题 2


( )1A Yes, it is . B No,it isn’t. C Yes,it isn’t. ( )2 A Is that a garden ? B Is that a sweater? C.Is that a jacket?

( )3 A What are those ? B What are they? C What are these? ( )4 A They are so big .B They are good. C They are yellow. ( )5 A This is my farm. B I s this John’s? C This is a bike.


、( )1A Yes,it is . B It’s John’s. C No,,they aren’t. ( )2 A I t’s 9:00. B Go to school. C No,it’s my brother’s. ( )3 A They are shoes. B They are under the bed. C They are red.

( )4 A No,I’m not. B Yes,they are. C No,they are.

( )5 A it’s a sheep .B They are tomatos. C They are potatoes.

三。听音 (10分)


( )1 is it? It’s your brother’s. A Whose B Who C W hat ( ) 2Look at the A tomatos Bpotatos C potatoes ( )3 Is this Yes ,it is. A you B your C I

( )4 These my shoes. A is B are C am

( )5 They are blue. A What time B What colour C What ( )6 It’s time English class.

A in B on C for ( )7 What are these ? A These are B It’s C They’re ( )8. My are black. A dress ;shorts B dresses ;short C dress;short ( )9 How many hens do you have? A There is two. B They are two. C I have two. ( )10 Are those cats? A No,it isn’t. B Yes, they are . C No,they don’t. 五选择句子比全对话(10分)

A How many horse are there? C Are those goats? B What colour are they ? D What are they? E Yes,they are.

B;They’s horse. B:There are nine.

A; B: No,they aren’t. They’re cows. They’re fat. B They’re white and black. A;Look,are those hens? 六连词成句(10分)

1 potatoes look these at.

2 like skirt I green that.

3 shorts are whose those?

4 horses they Are ?

5 dress what new colour your is ?


There is a show in the forest . Miss Panda wears a pretty dress,but it’s too long . Miss Giraffe wears a colourful sweater. It’s very beautiful. Mr Monkey wears a nice hat. It’s very cheap. It’s only 2 yuan. Miss Elephant wears a new coat. It’s expensive.It’s one hunderd yuan.What does Mrs Rabbit wear ? She wears a green skirt. How happy they are!

( A dress B coat C skirt ( A Miss elephant B Miss Giraffe C Mrs Rabbit ( )3Mr Monkey’s hat is A cheap B expensive C big ( )4 Mrs Rabbit wears a skirt. A white B black C green ( coat.

A new B old C cheap 八 (20分)

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