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五年级英语第十册(Unit 1-4)摸底自测试题

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听力材料及参考答案(Unit 1-4 60分钟完卷 满分:100分)

一. 听力部分(50分)




1. [ ? ] 2. [ ? ] 3. [ ?? ] 4. [??]

Keys: 1—4 D A B C

II. 听录音,找出你听到的单词,将编号填在括号内。念两遍。



1. I saw a fire and I called 119 quickly.

2. I usually talk quietly at the library.

3. You mustn?t walk quickly in the corridor.

4. You are late, what happened?

5. Don?t push me!

6. Were there bridges? Yes, there were.

7.There are lots of tall buildings.

8.There is a history museum.

9.There is a big airport now. But 10 years ago, there was no airport.

10.Today, you can see tunnels in our countryside.

Keys: 1—5 B A D B C 6—10 C D A A D

III. 听录音,将所给单词或词组的编号填入对应表格,可重复选用。念两遍。 (共10分,每个选择1分)


1. In the library, we usually talk quietly. We never talk loudly.

2. At the swimming pool, we never walk quickly. We always walk slowly.

3. We like seeing a film. But we never talk loudly at the cinema. We always listen


4. In school corridors, we always walk slowly. We never walk quickly.

5. In the dinning hall, we usually line up. But, sometimes, someone also pushes. Keys:

IV. 听录音,根据录音内容,用1,2,3?在下面图画的方框内标出顺序,念两遍。



Tom is a good boy. Today, he helped many people. First, he helped an old lady cross the road on his way to school. Then he found some money at the school gate. He picked them up and gave it to the teacher. Next, Bill was sick. And Tom took Bill to the school clinic quickly. After school, he helped Bill pack his school bag. And he picked up the apples on the ground and gave them to the woman with many bags. Keys: 上:2—5—1 下: 6—4—3

V.听短文,判断内容的对错,正确的打“T”,错误的打“F”念两遍。 (共6分,每小题1分)


Some children often play football in front of my house and sometimes break my window.

Last Saturday afternoon I stayed at home and read a book. After an hour I closed my eyes and had a short rest. Suddenly a little boy opened the door and came in. ?You broke my window again, boy??

?Oh, no? answered the boy. ?Your windows were open this time and my ball is in your bedroom. May I get it back, please??

Keys: 1—-6: F F F T F T

VI. 听录音,填入所缺的单词。念两遍。(共14分,每词1分)

录音材料 & Keys:

A stops at a . A young man to come out, but it is . A boy is under a big The young man says to the boy. “Can you go and us two hamburgers, one for and one for ? Here are two dollars(美元).” “OK!” says the boy and he goes to hamburgers. After time, the boy is . He is eating a hamburger. “Where is my hamburger?” asks the young man. “Oh, there is one hamburger. So I?m eating my hamburger. is your dollar. ”

二. 笔试部分 (50分)

I. 找出与所给单词划线部分发音相同的选项,将其编号填入题前的括号里。


Keys: 1—4 C A B C

II. 选择正确答案填空。(共5分,每小题1分)

Keys: 1—5 D C B D A

III. 根据所给情景,选择正确的答案。(共6分,每小题1分)

Keys: 1—6 C C A A B C

IV. 读下面的句子,看图,将句子编号填在与图画相符的括号内。


Keys: 上: B —C —E 下: A —D— F

V. 下面各题都有一处错误,请圈出来,并在后面的横线上改正。


Keys: 1. find-----found

2. careful----carefully

3.are ----- were

4. can-----can?t / mustn?t

VI. 阅读短文,判断下面句子对错,用“T”或“ F” 表示。


Keys: 1—5 F T G T T

VII.阅读理解,根据短文内容,选择正确答案。(共10分,每小题2分) Keys: 1—5 D C B B C

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