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Unit 3 练习

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Unit3 练习题 一. 用所给词的适当形式填空 1. The water ______ _______( pollute) in some small villages. 2. The Great Wall _________________(visit) by people all over the world. 3. People ___________(call) her Amily, but she ______________(call) Amy by her parents.

4. Most of the toys ________________(make) in China. 5. Jim is _______________(interest) in reading this bookbecause this book is very __________(interest).
II. 选择填空 ( ) 1. The little boy can’t wait______his parents at the gate. A. meeting B. meet C. to meet D. to be met

( ) 2. The girl in white is a __________girl. A. 12 years old B. 12-year-old C. 12 D. 12 years ( ) 3. ________fans hope that they can meet Zhou Jielun one day. A. Millions B. Millions of C. Million D. Million of ( ) 4. Where is this car __________in? A. make B. made D. to make C. making

( ) 5. He gave me some advice ______some money. A. as well as B. as well C. with D. in ( ) 6. ---Is the environment good around your city? --Yes, many trees _____here every year. A. are planted B. plant C. are cut down D. cut down ( ) 7. ---Dad, please open the door It________. ----Ok, I am coming.

A. will lock B. locked C. is locked D. was locked ( ) 8. ---It’s ___ difficult for _____climb up the mountain. A. very, can’t B. too, not C. too, to D. very, to ( ) 9. Hurry up, ______you won’t catch the early train. A. or B. but C. so D. and ( ) 10. Grandma _____a bad cold since last Saturday. A. has got B. has taken

( ) 11. I’ll go to Fuzhou ______business next week. A. for B. on C. in D. with ( ) 12. Spanish is not similar___English. A. to B. as C. with D. in ( ) 13. His father has no trouble _______out this problem. A. to work B. working C. to be working D. that works ( ) 14. Recent ____show that English is spoken ___the official language in most of the countries.

A. study, for B. studying, for C. study, as D. studies, as ( ) 15. There are 54 students in our class, and _____of them are girls. A. two third B. two thirds C. three second D. three seconds ( ) 16. Six ______came to our school last Saturday. A. Germans B. German C. Germen D. Germany ( ) 17. My mother often asks us _____in the street.

A. not to play B. not play C. to not play D. don’t play ( ) 18. In the ______century, England became a powerful country. A. nineteen B. nineteenth C. nine D. ninth ( ) 19. Now, the study of English is a very important industry in China ____in the rest of the world. A. also B. too C. as well as D. as well ( ) 20. _____the book bought by your father?

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