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Unit1 Public signs
No littering



No smoking

No parking

A: What does the sign mean? B: It means…
Do not touch Keep off the grass

No eating or drinking

Be quiet

Unit1 Public signs
A: What does the sign mean? B: It means we should(shouldn’t)…
It means we shouldn’t smoke here. It means we shouldn’t park here. It means we shouldn’t litter here. should, must, can, may 以 及它们的否定 It means we shouldn’t eat or drink here. 形式后面接动 词原形。 It means we shouldn’t touch it.

Unit1 Public signs
It means we shouldn’t make noise here. It means we should be quiet here. It means we shouldn’t walk on the grass. It means we should keep off the grass.

It means we can’t touch it. It means we must stay away from it.

should, must, can, may 以 及它们的否定 形式后面接动 词原形。

Unit1 Public signs


always has a lot of housework to do. My mother _______ sometimes she talks to her friends on Sundays. But _________



He looks around,there’s no one _______. nearby near Look,there is a mobile phone _____the TV.

Unit1 Public signs
ask a lot of/many questions 1 问许多问题 stay away from 2 远离 3 散步 take a walk 4 向他走来 come up to him 5 年仅五岁 only five years old 6 墙上的公共标识 the public sign on the wall 7 在草地上走 walk on the grass 8 一个有趣的标识 an interesting sign 9 环顾 look around 10捡起钞票 pick the note up 11一张十元钞票 a ten-yuan note

Unit1 Public signs
1. 这个标志是什么意思?它意指“危险”。

What does this sign mean? It means “Danger”.
2. 那个标志什么意思? 它意指你不应该在草地上走。

What does that sign mean? It means you shouldn’t walk on the grass.

Can I watch TV now? No, you can’t. You should finish your homework first.
4.杰克只有四岁,但他总是有许多问题要问。 5.他正在问本一些有关公共标志的问题。

Jack is only four years old, but he always has many questions
He is asking Ben some questions about public signs.

Unit2 Ben’s birthday


如何询问生日 When’s your birthday? When’s × × ‘s birthday? 如何回答生日 My birthday is on… It’s on … 如何询问生日礼物 What would you like as a birthday present? Would you like a/some …?

Unit2 Ben’s birthday
序数词 前必须加the
日期的表达 月+日 / 日+ of + 月


one — first (1st) twelve — twelfth (12th) two — second (2nd) twenty — twentieth (20th) three — third (3rd) twenty-one — twenty-first (21st) five — fifth (5th) twenty-two — twenty-second (22nd) eight — eighth (8th) twenty-three — twenty-third (23rd) nine — ninth (9th) thirty — thirtieth (30th) (four, six, seven, ten …)

Unit2 Ben’s birthday
1月1日 3月8日 4月12

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