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PEP六上unit6BLet's read教学详案

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六上unit6 B Let’s read教学设计


1. 通过阅读植物日记进一步熟悉掌握植物生长过程的叙述。

2. 能够理解、认读B let’s read 部分的句子。

一、 教学重难点:



一、Warm up

1.a song: boys and girls,before our class,let’s sing a song:if you are happy. If you can sing, follow me please. If you can’t,just do the actions.

2.T: boys and girls,are you happy now? let’s say some more happy things. 问3生:what are you going to do this weekend? Ss: I’m going to … T: do you know what am I going to do? I’m going to LinyiPark. Because I love the nature. Do you love the nature? Why do you love the nature? Ss:

T: Yes, the nature is beautiful. The sky si blue. The water is clean,the trees are beautiful too. Boys and girls ,what can we do to make our city more beautiful?

Ss:plant more flowers/trees

3.T: what do we need to plant a tree?

Ss: we need ….soil seeds water sun

Yes, let’s see. (课件) we need…..

Let’s read and spell together.


T: boys and girls, now we have so many things. Let’s see how to plant a tree. Let’s play. You can play the game in your groups. Each one student says one sentence. Ok?

Which group wants to play?


Boys and girls ,you know how to plant a tree well, do you know how to plant a flower? Let’s see it together(课件)

第一幅图画:First, put some seeds into a pot.

第二幅图画:T: After several days,(点课件), we can see a aprout. But it grows slowly, do you know , what does it need? Ss: water

T: yes, it needs water.(点课件) we should water it often. Make sure it gets lots of water.

T:what else? Ss: sun

第三幅图画:T:点课件 yes, make sure it gets lots of sun.

Teach: lots of (板书) 教读、个人读、读句子

第四幅图画:T:now, we water it often and it gets lots of sun, it has no flowers. (点课件) it grows up quickly, but still it has no flowers. Teach: still(板书)教读、个人读、 读句子

总图:T: boys and girls ,look at the plant. I can see a sprout. I can see two green leaves. It’s tall and strong. But it still has no flowers. I can hardly

wait. I can’t wait.

Teach: I can hardly wait! 教读


1. boys and girls, I think all of you know how to plant a flower. Amy(贴)plants a flower too, and she writes four diaries about the flower. Let’s see.(看视频)

2. 一读:T: you have seen the flash, now please read the passage quickly and match.ok?

Check the answers.

Let’s chant together!

3. 二读:very good! Now, let’s read it again and tick or cross.回答问题,同时板书。

Apr.15 seeds

Apr. 21 sprout

Apr.29 leaves lots of

May 15 plant still

One month old

I can hardly wait!

4. 三读写:


1.T: very good! Boys and girls, now let’s listen and repeat!

2.Read: you can read it in pairs

Who wants to read? Diary 1

4. 复述: boys and girls , you all read the passage very well. Can you retell it? We are Amy now, let’s try to retell it together. You can retell it in your groups . who wants to retell it?

5. 写: boys and girls , I think you read and master the passage well, can you write it down?

Let’s check the answers.

6小结: boys and girls, this class, we know how to plant a flower. Homework:

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