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What did you do last Christmas?
I …( ed ) last Christmas.
went to parties had a big lunch got a lot of presents played games …

Exercise 1 请给A栏中所做事情找出适合的时间,连线。

I go to school We visited a farm
I ate a lot of delicious food

last Sunday. every morning. last Spring Festival. in 1992. last Halloween.

I had a party I was born(出生)

The Simple Past Tense 一般过去时
1. 概念 2. 结构 3. 句式

Exercise 2 读句子,选择正确的答句,将序号填在题前括号内。 A I went fishing. C I go to party. B Yes, I did. D Yes, it was.

( B ) 1. Did you go to school last Sunday? ( A ) 2. What did you do last Saturday? ( D ) 3. Was it there a moment ago? ( C ) 4. What do you usually do on New Year’s Day?

Exercise3 写出下列动词的过去式。
open opened play like liked dance stop study buy bought go sing sang eat

stopped studied chat cry


danced chatted




一、规则 1. ~ed 2. ~d 3. ~#ed 4. ~yied

二、不规则 1. A A read let cut put 2. A B buy---bought think---thought bring--- brought catch---caught teach---taught get---got forget---forgot find---found have---had hear---heard tell---told keep---kept sleep---slept smell---smelt feel---felt meet---met learn---learnt make---made come---came say---said sit---sat give---gave eat---ate spend---spent go---went do---did speak---spoke drink---drank drive—drove write---wrote ride---rode stand---stood take---took be---was,were see---saw ring---rang sing---sang swim---swam begin---began blow---blew fly---flew know---knew

(2)介词in. on at的用法 in表示:“段”时间,常用在年份,月份,季节前, 也用在上午,下午和晚上前。 例如:in 1997 在1997年 in spring 在春季 in May 在五月 in the morning 在上午 in the afternoon 在下 午 in the evening 在晚上 on 表示具体的某一天,常用在星期几,具体的一 天的上下午前。 例如:on Monday 在星期一 on the first of March 在三月一日 on Monday morning 在星期一上午 at 用在时刻前 例如:at ten o'clock在十点钟

语言点解析 1.动词如果在No后表示禁止做某事,动词要用 ing形式,如:No swimming; 如果前面是don’t 或者do not后面跟动词原形, 如:Do not touch. 2.must, would, should (shouldn’t), can, may的区别 must 表示必须一定做到的事情;would表示想 要做的事情,would like to do sth. Should (shouldn’t)表示应该或不应该;can表 示能够,会做某事;may表示可以或允许做某 事。must, should shouldn't, can, may都是 情态动词,后面都跟动词原形。

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