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三年级英语认读作业(2013下14) 姓名______


①birthday_______ ②noodles______③fish______④like______

⑤I'd like some bread, eggs and juice. ____________________.

⑥Let's eat some cake. ____________________.

⑦Here you are . ____________________.

⑧Look at the pen. It`s in my hand ! _____________________!

2013-12-24 星期二

①plate_______②juice______③bear______ ④hungry_______

⑤What's that? It's a panda. I like it. _________________________.

⑥Mum, I'm hungry! Have some cake. ___________________________.

⑦Thank you. You're welcome. ______________________.

⑧We love(爱) animals. _____________________ .

2013-12-25 星期三

①please______②bread______③rice______ ④ice-cream______

⑤Drink some water and cut some bread. _____________________.

⑥Can I have some fish and eggs , please. _______________________.

⑦I'd like some white paper(纸), please . ____________________.

⑧How old are you ? I'm eight. _______________________.

2013-12-26 星期四

①me______②my_______ ③five______ ④seven______

⑤Seven , eight, nine, I am a panda . _______________________.

⑥Can I have some apple(苹果) juice, please?____________________________?

⑦This is my brother. ___________________。

⑧I am ten years old. _________________.

2013-12-27 星期五

①nine_______②brother______ ③how many _______ ④ sure_______

⑤How many sweets(糖果) can you eat ? .________________________.

⑥Happy birthday! Thank you. ______________________.

⑦How many plates do you want(想要)? _________________________?

⑧I have two gifts(礼物). _________________________. 家长签字__________

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