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标志性词:now listen look 句型结构:主语+be动词+现在分词+其他 现在分词:直接加ing 去e加ing 双写加ing 特殊问句 What are you doing? What is he/she doing?

? 一、写出下列动词的现在分词:

? ? ? ? ? ?

play______ playing swimming swim ______ going go_______ writing write______ reading read______ sing singing ______

running run______ make_______ making liking like________ skiing ski_______ having have______ dancing dance______

? ? ? ? ? ?

putting put_______ buying buy _______ living live______ come _______ coming stopping stop________ beginning begin_______

see_______ seeing love______ loving taking take_______ getting get________ sitting sit _______ shopping shop______

例如:I am reading magazines now. Look,he is pulling up carrots. Listen. She is singing in the room. They are playing volleyball now. Look,the cat is catching the mouse.

? 9. These boys _________ are playing(play) tennis on the playground. ? 10. My mother______________ (cook) in is cooking the kitchen. ? 11. We can’t help you, because we ____________ are having (have )classes. ? 12. ________ the boy ___________ (write) Is writing his homework? ? 13. Look! These birds _________ are flying (fly) in the sky. ? 14. Listen! The girl ___________ is singing (sing) in the next room. ? 15. The boy is __________ swimming(swim) in the river now.

? 1. ______you __________(fly) a kite now? Are flying Yes, I _______. am ? 2. ______you ___________(sit) in the Are sitting boat now? talking ? 3. ______he _______(talk) with me now? Is ? 4. We_____________ are playing (play) football now. ? 5. What_______ you _______(do) now? are doing ? 6. I_____________ am singing (sing) an English song. ? 7. They aren’t ____________ watering (not ,water) the flowers now.

标志性词 :always usually often sometimes 句型结构:主语+动词+其他 三单主语+三单动词+其他

特殊问句 What do you usually do…? What does he/she usually do…?

I usually surf the Internet on Sundays.

He usually surfs the Internet on Sundays.

I go shopping on Sundays.

She goes shopping on Sundays.

I play football after school.

He plays football

after school.

I cook nice food every day.

He cooks nice food every day.

I make a model after school. I makes a model after school. (he) He

They read books on Sundays. They Mike read s books on Sundays.(Mike) We go to school every day. She We goes to school every day (she) You watch TV in the evening. Ben watches TV in the evening(Ben) You

He goes to the park on Sunday. Does H he goes to the park on Sunday? . Mr Black likes playing football. Does Mr Black likes playing football ? . Mike plays chess after school. . DoesMike plays chess after school ?

Does he…? Yes,he does. No,he doesn‘t.

Does she…? Yes, she does. No

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