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五、写出下列字母的左邻右舍。(注意大小写要一致)(12分 Y b F i t n H o

j d____ e

六、 根据下面情景, 选择恰当的选项。 (10分)

( ) 1. 当别人问你来自哪里后, 应回答说::___________

A. You’re welcome. B. I’m from America. . My name is Li Mei.

( ) 2..当你很惊讶地看到一只大鹅时, 应说: _______.

A. What a big goose! B. How beautiful! C. What a big fish!

( ) 3. 当你把物品给别人时, 应说: ______.

A. It’s here. B. Here you are. C. Here it is.

( ) 4. 当你正在找玩具汽车时, 应说: ______.

A. Where is my taxi? B. Where is my car? C. This is my car.

( ) 5. 当看到别人要摔跤时,应说:_________.

A. Watch TV. B. Watch out. C. Look at me.

七、单项选择(每小题2分,共12 分)

1、-----______is that woman----She is my English teacher ,Miss Chen .

A Where B who C what

2、-----How many _______can you see ? -------Nineteen.

A kite B kites C cat

3、I _____a new friend .Her name is Alice .

A am B have C has

4、------Who is that girl ? -------_____is my sister .

A I B He C She

5、------______ are you from ? ------I’m from America .

A Where B Who C How many

6、------Happy Women’s Day ! Miss White ! ------________

A. Happy Women’s Day B Thank you C Good idea

八、 选出不同类别的单词,将其编号填在括号内。(10分)

( ) 1、A、 banana B、 pear C 、 short

( ) 2、A、 pencil B 、car C 、 ruler

( ) 3、A、 pencil B、 book C、 school

( ) 4、 A、 dog B、 pig C、 play

( ) 5、 A、 red B、 one C、 green

( ) 6、 A、 girl B、 teacher C 、 bus

( ) 7、 A、 class B、 school C、 pen

( ) 8、 A、 Chinese B、 English C 、class

( ) 9、 A、 mother B、 father C、 teacher

( ) 10、 A 、twelve B 、five C 、box



( ) 1. What’s that ? a. I have thirteen pencils

( ) 2. Who’s that woman ? b. That’s a pen.

( ) 3 . How are you ? c. I’m from China.

( ) 4,. How old are you ? d. How do you do ?

( )5. Where are you from? e. She is a teacher .

( )6. How many monkeys can you see? f. I’m fine.

( )7. Can I have some ice-cream ? g. She is my mother.

( )8. How many pencils do you have ? h. I’m eleven

( )9.What’s your mother ? i. I can see twenty-two monkeys .

( )10.How do you do? J. Sure.

( )11. Can I use your pen? k、Yes, I do .

( )12. Do you like bananas? l、She’s my mother .

( )13. Who’s that woman? m、I can see 11.

( )14. How many cats can you see? n、It’s under the chair.

( )15. Where is the ball? o、Sure.

十、阅读短文,判断对错。对的写T ,错的写F。(每小题1分,共3分)

Tom and John are good friends. Tom is twelve years old. John is thirteen years old. They are good students. They like to eat hamburgers.Miss White is their English teacher.She likes them very much.

( )1, Tom and John are good friends.

( )2. Tom is twelve years old.

( )3. John is twelve years old.

( )4.Tom likes to eat hamburgers.

( )5. Miss White thinks(认为)they are good students

( )6.John doesn’t like to eat hamburgers.


1、H 2、W 3、C 4、I 5、D


1、jeep 2、apple 3、girl 4、deer 5、twelve


1、coke 2、grandmother 3、AEF 4、twenty

5、pear 6、jeep 7、elephant 8、long


1、How many kites can you look ?

2、Where are you from ?

3、This is my brother.

4、The book is on the chair.

5、Do you like peaches ?



一、√ √ × × ×

二、2 5 1 3 4

三、 B A A C B C A B

四、× √ × × √ ×


三、C B C A B A A

四、C B A C C

五、A C A B A C 六、D F A B G E C


1. cap

2. desk

3. seventeen 4. under

5. man


1.I’m from the USA.

2.It has a small head . 3.Where is my pencil ?

4.Do you like pears ?

5.How many crayons can you see ? III.

1.Long ,long ,long ,make your arms long .

2.I’m Sarah.I’m from the UK.

3.Put your foot on the chair .

4.This is a ball. 5.The duck is fat .


1.How are you ?

2.How many apples do you have ?

3.Who’s that woman ?

4.Do you like strawberries ?

5.Is it in your bag ?

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