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人教版PEP小学五年级英语下册Unit6 A Field Trip课件PPT

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人教PEP 五年级 英语 下册 课件

A: Look! What is Chen Jie doing? B: She is watching insects.

A: Excuse me, Zhang Peng! What are you doing? B: I am taking pictures.

A: Chen Jie is busy now. Is she watching insects?
B: No, she isn’t. She is catching butterflies.

A: Is she taking pictures? B: No, she isn’t. She is picking up leaves.

A: Sarah is a smart girl. What is she doing? B: She is doing an experiment.

1. watch insects watching insects 2. do an experiment doing an experiment 3. catch butterflies catching butterflies 4. pick up leaves picking up leaves 5. take pictures taking pictures

picking up leaves watching insects catching butterflies playing chess watching insects taking pictures doing an experiment doing an experiment climbing trees catching butterflies picking up leaves watching insects doing an experiment playing chess

Say out the words!

用单词的正确形式填空. are 1 The students ________(be) in the park now. taking They are _________(take) pictures. watching 2 Mike and John are _________(watch)TV now. do 3 What can a panda ________(do)? swim Can it ________(swim) and _______(run)? run likes 4 Her father __________(like) watching insects. is 5 What_______ (be) she doing? doing She is _________(do) an experiment.

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