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Music Born in Hong Kong

1.What do you know about Cantopop? 2. Do you know who are the Kings of Cantopop? 3. Do you know other Hong Kong pop singers?

Cantopop is short for Cantonese Pop Music, which is born in Hong Kong

the Kings of Cantopop

the Kings of Cantopop

Jacky Cheung

Andy Lau

Aaron Kwok

Leon Lai

Do you know other famous singers in Hong Kong?


Faye Wong

田花花同学会》、《东京攻略》、《爱我不 爱》

Kelly Chen


Sammi Cheng

Edmond Yung


Nicholas Tse

Leo Ku

Andy Hui

hacken lee


Choose the main idea.p53
A. Music born in Hong Kong is booming. B. Cantopop expresses only harmony and virtue, and Hong Kong is blessed with the most conventional music scene in the world. C. Hong Kong stars work hard, and the pace is hot. D. Cantopop isn’t just a type of pop music but a musical empire.

Match topic sentences with each paragraph
A. Cantopop is different from most of the world’s pop music.It expresses only harmony and virtue. B. The fans are devoted to their stars. C. As a bonus for their fans, nearly every Cantopop singer also acts in the movies. D. Their fans expect regular makeovers. E. Cantopop is a music empire .It has millions of fans .It must be doing something great. F. Hong Kong stars work had and the pace is hot. G. Cantopop has become one of the world’s greatest pop music and it has spread offshore.

Para.1____Para.2____Para.3_____Para.4___ G A D C
Para.5____Para.6____Para.7_____ F B E

P54 Exercise 6 Complete the sentences in your own words. 1. Music born in Hong Kong is booming it is becoming popular because _____________________ throughout the world ___________________. 2. Cantopop is different from pop music of the in most of the world because ______ clean and presentable image of the _____________________________ stars _____.

3. To please the fans the stars need ____ to _____________________________ change their image regularly and _______________. make a lot of CDs 4. Being a cantopop star is far from they being a part-time job because ____ have to make lots of CDs and films, _______________________________ and do lots of concerts and TV ___________________________ appearances ___________.

5. Cantopop is more than a type of

it is a whole pop music because ___________
way of life _________.

1. As well as attracting huge
audiences in its Hong Kong home,

Cantopop has spread offshore, and
its stars are known in Beijing, London and New York.
粤语流行歌曲不仅仅吸引了香港本地听 众,还走出家门,传到各地,流行明 星在北京、伦敦和纽约非常出名。

2. But Cantopop expresses only harmony and virtue, and Hong Kong is blessed with the most conventional music scene in the world. 但粤语流行歌曲只表达了融洽与美 德,香港有幸成为世界上最传统的 音乐基地。

3. Any music which has millions of
fans around the w

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