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( )1. A school B. lunch C. breakfast

( )2. A morning B. evening C. dinner

( )3. A. grandparents B. teacher C. English

( )4. A. visit B. play C. weekend

( )5. A. Monday B. sometimes C. usually

( )6. A. piano B. evening C. noon

( )7. A. Tuesday B. Friday C. football

( )8. A. watch B. often C. eat

( )9. A. snow B. rain C. rainy

( )10. A. shopping B. work C. hiking


( )1. –I often go shopping on the weekend. What ___ you? I often go hiking on the weekend.

A. at B. are C. about

( )2. Thank you ___ telling me about you day.

A. to B.at C. for

( )3. Let’s go ___ together.

A. sports B. homework C. swimming

( )4. I ___ my bedroom every week.

A. clean B. goC. cleans

( )5. Tomorrow is a ___ day.

A. rain B. rainbow C. rainy

( )6. It’s a fine day. Let’s go ___ in the sun.

A. hiking B. home C. shopping

( )7. It’s going to rain tomorrow. I___ go hiking.

A. can B. can’t C. do

( )8. Look, this is my weekend ___.

A. timetable B. day C. time

( )9. ___ do you do on Saturdays? –I usually do my homework at home.

A. When B. What C. Sometimes



(football, breakfast, get, worker, morning, lunch, afternoon, student, enjoy, eat, piano, have, 7:00)

I’m a take a bus and go to work at . I work in a big factory. tomatoes and soup. I go home at 5:00 in 1. _____________ 2. _____________ 3. _____________ 4. _____-________

5. _____________6. _____________ 7. _____________ 8. _____-________

9. _____________ 10. _____________


Hello, I am Zoom. I get up at 6:00 in the morning every day. I eat breakfast at 6:30. Then I go to school at 7:00.We do morning exercises at 8:00. We have three classes in the morning and three in the afternoon. I go home at 5:00 p.m.. I play basketball at 5:30. I eat dinner at 7:30. Then I do my homework. I go to bed at 9:00. This is my day. What about yours?

( )1. Where does Zoom eat breakfast?

A. At home B. At school C. At 6:30

( )2. How many classes does Zoom have in a day?

A. Five. B. Three. C. Six

( )3. When does Zoom play sports in the afternoon?

A. At four B. At five C. At five thirty

( )4. When does Zoom eat dinner?

A. At seven thirty B. At home C. At eight

( )5. When does Zoom go to bed?

A. at nine in the morning. B. at nine in the evening. C. at nine a.m.


一,1---5ACCCA 6---10ACBCB

二,1----5CCCAC 6----9ABAB

三,1,student 2.get 3,morning 4,breakfast 5,7:00

6,have 7,eat 8,afternoon 9,football 10,enjoy


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