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新加坡小学一年级英语Lesson Four

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Lesson Four

At the Seaside

It was a sunny day last Sunday.Father drove the family to the seaside.My maternal grandma and my two cousins,Vanessa and Valerie,joined us too.
We found a shady spot and got ready to swim in the sea.Grandma couldn't swim.She relaxed on the mat.Mother accompanied her.
After our swim,we took our shovels and pails.We dug in the sand.Father taught us how to make sandcastles.it was fun.
After playing in the beach,we had a picnic.We were so hungry and thirsty that we gobbled up everything that Mother had prepared.
We went home when dark clouds appeared.We had a wonderful day at the seaside.

New Words:

1.family--your parents,brothers,sisters and grandparents (may also include others related to you)

2.cousins-- the child of your uncle or aunt

3.maternal grandma--your mother's mother

4.prepared-- get ready

5.picnic--meal eaten out of doors,esp as part of a pleasure trip

6.sandcastles--piles of sand shaped to look like castles,usu made by children on a beach

7.beach--an area of sand or stones beside the sea


9.sunny--shining of the sun

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