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一年级外研社Module 6 Unit 1 说课稿

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一年级Module 6 Unit 1 This is my teacher. 说课稿


我说课的内容是小学新标准英语一年级起点,第一册Module 6 Unit 1 This is my teacher。我讲从以下四个方面进行说课:说教材、说教法、说学法、说程序。





知识目标:学习掌握单词 this、our、classroom、desk、 and、 seat、 teacher,学习运用句型 This is my/our?。



3.教学重点与难点:本课的重点与难点是能够运用句型This is my/our?。



本单元围绕“This is my teacher.”展开,是功能型的交际型的交际训练课。我借助“任务型”教学采用多样化的教学手段将听、说、玩、演、唱溶于一体,激发学生学习英语的兴趣,发展自主学习能力,形成初步用英语进行简单日常交际的能力。为了顺利完成教学目标,更好地突出重点,突破难点,按照学生的认识规律,我采用了情景假设法、TPR(全身反应法)、直观演示法、交际法、游





I’ll finish this lesson in seven steps. First of all, it’s the incentives. I’ll divide the Ss into four groups and bring competition into the class. At the end of the class, I’ll praise the best group, and everyone in this group can get one sticker. Step1 Greeting

Greeting with the class motto can build a harmonious, democratic class atmosphere.

Step2 Warm-up

Play the game “do as I say or say as I do”. I say the instruction, and the Ss do the action. Then change the part.

Purpose: I think it’s important to train the Ss’ quick response and the proficiency of the learned knowledge.

Step 3 Lead-in

Show the panda card and ask the Ss “what’s this?” And say “It’s a panda. This is my panda.”

Purpose: This teaching link arouses the Ss learning interests through catching their age characteristics, such as strong curiosity, favor of the cards, ornaments.

Step 4 Presentation

I’ll use CAI to present the words: teacher, classroom, desk, seat. Help the Ss understand the meaning with the help of my body language. And lead the Ss to read the sentences. Make sure they can say it correctly. Purpose: It's much easier to present the key structures one by one for the Ss to learn and grasp the meaning. CAI can provide a real situation with its pictures.

Step 5 Practice

After the Ss read the new words and sentences after me, I’ll let them have a competition in four groups. Then let the Ss play the game "do as I say or say as I do". For example, if I show the seat, the Ss say "This is my seat." Then if I say "This is my seat", the Ss do the gesture to show the seat. I’ll check the Ss to read the sentences. At last, I'll play the CD to let the Ss listen to and imitate the dialogue. Pay attention to their pronunciation and intonation. Meanwhile, find out which group read it best, and I’ll give them stickers.

Purpose: Task-based teaching method is used here to develop Ss’ ability of communication and cooperation. Proper competition can arouse the Ss’ interest in English learning. At the same time, let the Ss have a chance to practice their listening and spoken ability.

Step 6 Conclusion

Ask the question what did they learned today. Let the Ss talk freely. At last, let the Ss read the new sentences together.

Purpose: The inductive method not only embodies the Ss’ independent initiative, but also develops their inductive ability and the spirit of teamwork. Step 7 Design of the writing on the whiteboard

The key words and sentences are displayed with stick figures, which will make the Ss be clear at a glance.

This is my desk.

This is my seat.

This is our classroom.

This is our teacher

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