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新加坡小学一年级英语Lesson Five

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Lesson Five

Shopping With Mother

Mother wanted to get a pair of shoes for Grandmother.She asked me to go shopping with her.As it was a Saturday,the shopping mall was crowede and noisy.I was not pleased with the noise.
While Mother was busy getting a present at the ladies shoe department ,I was bored.I walked away quietly to see if I could spot anything interesting.I was delighted when I saw an aquarium not far away.
When Mother realized that I was not near her,she knew exactly where to look for me.She walked towards the aquarium and found me.She scolded me for wandering away.
I was sorry that I made Mother angry.

New Words:

1.mall--a very large enclosed shopping area

2.aquarium--a building, often in a zoo, where fish and underwater animals are kept

3.noisy-- not quiet

4.department--one of the sections in a large shop

5.bored--feel tired and impatient


7.crowded--full of people

8.busy-- not free to do anything else

9.walked quietly away-- went away silently

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