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新加坡小学一年级英语Lesson One

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Lesson One About Natalie

My name is Natalie. I will be seven years old this Christmas .Doll Doll is my nickname because I look like a doll.I take after my pretty mummy.
My hobby is collecting stickers.My favourite sticker is that of Hello Kitty from piano teacher.I dislike stickers that come off easily.Exchanging stickers with my cousins or friends is an activity that I enjoy during the weekends.My ambition is to be a sticker designer.

New words:

1.Hobby--something that you enjoy doing in your free time

2.favourite--the one you like best

3.nickname-- a name used by family or friends

4.ambition--something you want very much to be or do

5.take after--if you take after a family member,you are like them in your looks,behaviour or character
6.enjoy-- find pleasure in doing something;get pleasure from

7.dislike--not like sb./sth.

8.weekends-- the end of a week:Saturday and Sunday

9.activity--something that you spend time doing

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