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一、Listen and choose.(听音,选择你所听到的单词或字母。) (每小题1分,共5分)

( ) 1.A.friend B. finger C. father D. five

( ) 2.A.plane B. bus C. boat D. car

( )3.A.school B. small C. tall D. short

( )4. A.DC B.BC C.EC D.GH

( )5.A、man B、mother C、mom D. woman

二、Listen and circle.(听音,圈出你听到的内容相符的词。)(每小 题2分,共10分)

1、I am a _____( boy , girl ).

2、I have a______( sister, brother).

3、I am ______(eleven, twelve).

4、—Who’s that _____(man ,woman). —He is my father.

5.—How many _____(cats ,kites) can you see ?—I can see eighteen.

三、Listen and number.(按你听到的顺序给下列句子标上序号。(每小题1分,共5分)

( ) Who is this man,Mike?

( ) Do you like apples?

( ) Who is that boy?

( ) Excuse me. Can I use your pen?

( ) How many kites can you see?

四、Listen and answer.(根据所听到的信息选择正确的答案。)(每小题2分,共10分)

( )1、A .It’s ok B. Welcome back to school C. Thank you

( ) 2、A. I’m from America B. My name is Amy C. I’m fourteen

( ) 3、A. I have sixteen B.I can see fourteen C .I’m fifteen

( ) 4 、 . She’s my mother B. He’s my father C. She’s my sister

( ) 5 、 A. Thank you B. I’m fine , and you C . Me too 听力录音材料

一、 1.Father 2.bus 3.small 4.EC 5.woman

二、 1、I’m a boy。 2、I have a brother。

3、I am twelve. 4、Who’s that man?

5、How many kites can you see?

三、1、Excuse me, can I use your pen? 2、Who ‘s this man ,Mike?

3、How many kites can you see?

4、Who is that boy? 5、Do you like apples?

四、1、Sorry. 2、Where are you from?

3、How many kites can you see? 4、Who’s that woman?

5、How are you?

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