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( )4. ---Do you like bananas, Chen Jie ?


班级 姓名 分数 A. Yes ,I can. B.Yes ,I do.

一、读单词,把单词的序号写在汉语意思后面的横线上。(10分) C.Yes, I am. D.Yes ,I don’t.

1. pear 2. orange 3.watermelon 4.father 5.strawberry ( ) 5. ---Where is my bag ,mom ?

6. woman 7. student 8. boat 9.cap 10. giraffe ---____________.

学生 草莓 橙子 女人 小船 A. It’s OK. B. That’s all right.

梨 西瓜 爸爸 帽子 长颈鹿 C. Where is it ? D. It’s on the desk.

二、选出不同类的单词,将其编号填在括号内。(10分) ( ) 6.---Can I have some apples ?

( ) 1. A. woman B. father C. brother D. grandfather ---______________.

( ) 2. A. America B. Canada C. China D. Zhejiang A. Thank you. B. Sure,here you are.

( ) 3. A. bread B. water C. hot dog D. hamburger C. No problem D.You’re welcome.

( ) 4. A. man B. duck C. boy D. girl ( ) 7. ---What’s this ?

( ) 5. A. twenty B. nice C. nineteen D. nine ---__________.

三、选择。(20分) A. Let’s share. B. Guess! C. My new crayons. D. Sorry.

( ) 1. ---Who’s that man ? ( ) 8. ---Happy Birthday !

---______________. ---________________.

A. He’s my grandfather. B. Yes, he is. A. Happy Children’s Day! B. Happy Women’s Day.

C. He’s my mother. D. No, he isn’t. C. Thank you. D. The same to you.

( ) 2. ---___________. ( ) 9. Have some _________?

---I’m from China. A. grape B. strawberrys C. strawberries A. What’s that ? B. Yes, he is . ( ) 10. ---I have apple.

C. He’s my mother. D. No, he isn’t. A. a B. an C. the

( ) 3. ---How many books do you have ? ( )11.This my friend.

---__________. A.am B.is C.are A. I’m ten. B. I have ten. C. I can see ten. ( )12.This is Miss White. is a teacher. 三年级下册英语期末测试题


A.He B.She C.You 13.I from China.

A.am B.is C.are 14.Where you from ? A.am B.is C.are 15.Nice meet you.

A.at B.to C.for

16.Is she your sister?---

A.Yes, she isn’t. B.No, she is. C.Yes, she is. 17.He is my .

A.brother B.sister C.mother 18.It a small nose and a short tail. A.have B.has C.is 19.Look the elephant.

A.at B.on C.from 20.I big eyes and small .

A.have ;ear B.have;ears C.has;ears 21.Where is my ruler? ----

A.Yes,it is. B.It’s a ruler. C.It’s under the desk. 四、 请从B栏中找出A栏的答语,并将其字母标号填入题前括号内。(10分)


( ) 1. Look at the giraffe. A. I’m from China. ( ) 2. Can I have a pear ? B. She’s my sister. ( ) 3. Where is my bag ? C. Ten pens.

( ) 4. Do you like orange ? D. She’s beautiful. ( ) 5.Here you are. E. It’s so tall. ( ) 6. Who’s that girl ? F. It’s on the desk. ( ) 7. Where are you from ? G. Yes , I do. ( ) 8. This is my mother. H. OK. ( ) 9. Let’s watch TV. I. Sure. ( ) 10. How many pens ? J. Thank you.


UK 中国 Canada 加拿大 China 美国 USA 英国 六、情景交际。(20分) ( )1、桌子上摆了各种美味的食品,Amy问Bailing : Do you like apples ? Bailing 说不喜欢:

A.I’m hungry . B.OK . C. No,I don’t . D. No,I do . ( )2、Jhon请Mike喝一杯果汁,应该说: A. Have some juice , please . B. Do you like juice ? C. Give me juice . D. There is a cup of juice .

( )3、当你想知道班里新同学从哪里来,应该问: A. Where are you from ? B. What’s your name ? C. Who are you ? D. How do you do ?

( )4、当你班转来了一名新同学时,应该说: A. Look at . B. Can I help you ?

C. Watch out ! D. Welcome .


( )5、当你想把你的朋友介绍给你的老师,你应该说: bears, monkeys, tigers, horse, giraffe, foxes and pandas.

A. I’m slow . B. I’m sorry , I’m late . I like monkeys very much. My father likes foxes. My mother

C. Good morning. D. This is my friend. likes birds. My grandma likes pandas. My grandpa likes ( )6、当你找不到铅笔时,应该问: horses. We have a happy day!

A. What is my pencil ? B. Who is my pencil ? ( ) 1. It’s ________Day.

C. Where is my pencil ? D. How is my pencil ? A. Children’s B. Children C. Childrens’ ( )7、当你想知道远处的男孩是谁,应该问: ( ) 2. They go to the_________.

A. Who’s that woman ? B. Who is that man ? A. park B. zoo C. school.

C. Who’s that girl ? D. Who’s that boy ? ( ) 3. They see many __________.

( )8、当你在动物园看到大象时,你会说: A. fruits B. animals C. children

A. Look at that giraffe! ( ) 4. My mother likes ___________.

B. Look at that monkey! A. pandas B. birds C. foxes

C. Wow!The elephant has a long nose. ( ) 5. My grandfather likes__________.

( )9、你到别人家做客,主人请你吃水果,你会怎么说? A. foxes B. horses C. monkeys.

A. Have some fruit,please. B. Thank you. 八、找出拼写正确的单词,将序号写在题前的括号里。

C. Wow , It’s small. D. Wow , It’s big. ( )1.A.pupli B.pupil C.pipul

( )10、当你想知道你同桌有多少只钢笔时,你应怎么问? ( ) 2.A.man B.nam C.anm

A. How many pen do you have? ( )3.A.thni B.nith C.thin

B. How many pens do you have? ( )4.A.dsek B.desk C.sedk

C. How many pens do you see? ( )5.A.pear B.paer C.prea

D. How many pencils do you have? ( )6.A.tewlve B.twelve C.twelev

( )7.A.greap B.prage C.grape

七、阅读短文,选择正确的答语将其序号写在题前( )。(10分) ( )8.A.cap B.pac C.pca

It is Children’s Day ! My mother ,my father, my ( )9.A.bgi B.big C.gib

grandma, my grandpa and I go to the zoo together. We go to ( )10.A.mather B.methor C.mother

the zoo by bus. At the zoo , we see many animals. There are



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