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一. 选择最佳答案(每题2 分,共20分)

( )1.My name’s Ann ,what’s yours? A.Tom. B.Yes,it is. C.Fine,thanks.

( )2.How old are you? A. I’m Lucy. B.Good morning. C.I’m five.

( )3.What color do you like best?

A.How are you? B.Green. C.My mother.

( )4.Where’s father?

A.He’s sleeping. B.He’s at home. C.He’s fourty.

( )5.Is it very big?

A.Yes,it is. B.No,I’m not. C.Yes,he is.

( )6.Whose ball is that?

A.I don’t like it. B.My sister is six. C.It’s my brother’s.

( )7.What’s your favorite food?

A.It’s small. B.Burgers. C.I like it.

( )8.What are they doing?

A.They’re playing football. B.They are short. C.They are my friend.

( )9.What do you do at school?

A.It’s on the table. B.I’m a pupil. C.Learning English.

( )10.What animal has Bill got?

A.cat. B. He is reading a book. C. He is short?


A.brother B.eye C.pen D.yellow E.lemon

16. book pencil ruler ________

17.father mother sister _________

18.apple pear banana ________

19.red green black ________

20.nose arm leg ________


horse 照相机 鱼 carrot

baseball 大象 足球 soccer

camera 马 热狗 fish

elephant 剪刀 胡萝卜 hockey

scissors 棒球 曲棍球 hot dog



I like sports. My favourite sport is badminton. At 7:00 a.m., I go to school and play


with my friends. In the afternoon, I play badminton. In the evening, I watch badminton games on

TV. Do you like playing badminton?

( ) 1. I don’t like sports.

( ) 2. My favourite sport is table tennis.

( ) 3. I go to school at seven in the morning.

( ) 4. I watch TV in the afternoon.

( ) 5. I play badminton with my friends in the morning

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