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译林版小学英语四年级下unit 4 第一课时

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Unit 4 Drawing in the park (Period 1)

Look and remember

Look and say.

Watch and choose.

( ABC) What can they see? They can see . A.a tree B. some flowers C. a boat D. a bird


Listen and answer.

What can Tim draw ?

What can Tim draw ? He can draw a tree and some flowers.

Is it easy for Tim?
Yes, it’s easy for Tim. them

I can … It’s easy.

Read and answer.
Can Tim draw a boat? No, he can’t. difficult It’s difficult/easy for Tim. not easy
Is this a boat?

Read after the tape.

Imitate the pronunciation and intonation.

What can you see over there?

I can see a tree and some flowers.

Can you draw them?

Sure.It’s easy.

Well done.


Can you draw it?

It’s difficult, but I can try.

Find the spring.
Tips: Drawing the picture and speak
with your partner. A:This is my picture. What can you see? B:I can see… A:Yes, I can draw… B:Well done.

Enjoy the park.

Hello, Mike. Welcome to SiYang. There are many parks in SiYang. I like park best. I can see over there. It’s very beautiful. Welcome to park.

1.Read the stroy with emotion.

2.Write the words for three times.
3.Preview Fun time and cartoon time.

Look and remember


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