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5A Unit 2

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5A Unit 2 A new house

一、教学内容: Part A



1. 能正确地听、说、读、写词汇:live, study, a bedroom, large, a door, a wall,a map of China

2. 能正确地听、说、读日常交际用语或句型:I live in a new house now. They like the …very much.


1. 能正确理解、掌握对话内容,并能朗读、初步表演对话

2. 能熟练掌握“there be”句型及相关句式。

3. 能用所学的日常交际用语和有关家庭设施的词汇结合本课重点句型进行对话。 情感目标:

1. 通过听说读写等活动激发学生学习英语的兴趣。

2. 激发学生爱家的情怀。

3. 增进学生之间的友谊。




Step1. Preparation

1. Free talk

T: Good morning, boys and girls! How are you today?

Ss: I?m fine. Thank you. And you?

T: I?m OK, too. Thanks .

T: OK! The first lesson we have learnt how to describe our school? Can you say something about our school?

S: (介绍学校)This is our school. Our school is -----There is a ---- (2-3位学生描述) T: (根据学生的介绍,问其他学生问题)Accordion to their introduction, answer my questions.

Is there--- Are there---- How many----

学生回答: Yes, there is a---- No. There isn?t a ---- No. There aren?t any---- Step2. Presentation and practice

1. Great! You did a good job. OK, now let?s look at the screen. Is it a school? (出示: a new house teach: house)

I live in a new house now. (出示:live in) I live in Minghuang. Where do you live in?

Who lives in this new house? (出示: parents=father and mother)

Where?s Yang Ling?s house?

Do they like the new house?


2. Read the sentences together.

3. What do you think of Yang Ling?s house? (引出并教学: large)

4. So there are many rooms in the house. Can you find where is Yang Ling?s bedroom? Let?s go and have a look?

T: Look, this is Yang Ling?s bedroom. It?s clean and nice.

What?s in Yang Ling?s house? What?s on the wall? (出示:on the wall) S: There is a map on the wall. (引出:a map)

T: There is a map of the world on the wall.

(显示 a map of the world )

(New word: world)

T: a map of---- Who can say some phrases like this?

(出现中国地图,显示a map of China)

T: Good! A map of China! Look at the screen. This is a map of---- Our school is


(出现常州地图,学生说出A map of Changzhou,然后点击鼠标出现标志,突出“鸣凰”点击出现 学校的门口图片)

Step3. Learn to say

1. T: Yang Ling and her parents live in a new house now. Let?s go and have a look.

2. Listen to the tape, and choose the correct answer..

Who can read the questions?

3. Check the answer together.

4. Do you want to know more about Yang Ling?s new house? Let?s watch the movie. Here are some questions for you. Let?s read.

5. Watch the movie.

6. Answer the questions.

7. Read after the tape.

Step4. Consolidation

1. T: Yang Ling has a nice house, my friend has a nice house ,too.

2. T: Let?s enjoy it. (欣赏客厅,厨房,和卫生间,请学生描述)

T: Can you describe them? (加入修饰的词语,如:large, nice, clean, bright----) S: There is a large sitting-room.

S: There is a clean bathroom.

S: There is a bright kitchen.

T: What?s in the sitting-room?

S: There is---

3. T: Fill in the blanks, then check the answer.

My friend and her parents _____ in a new house now. They like it very much. There ____a kitchen, a bathroom, two studies, two bedrooms and a ____ sitting-room. There ____a dining-room in her house. There aren?t _____ maps on the wall of the sitting-room. There?s a picture on it.

Step5. Assign homework

1. 各自设计心目中的新家,并用英语描述出来。

2. 熟读A部分对话三遍。

5A Unit 2 A new house

一、教学内容:Part B、C、D



1. 能听得懂、会说、会读和会拼写behind, , under, a door, a bed, a telephone, a lamp.

2.能听得懂、会说、会读和会写句型What?s in / on / under / behind …? There?s / There isn?t a / an … There are some / aren?t any …

3.能听得懂、会说、会读日常交际用语Here is a /an …for you. Here are some … for you.


1. 能运用所学句型和词汇描述图片。

2. 能运用所学句型和词汇进行对话。


1. 提高学生学习英语的兴趣。

2. 增强学生主人翁的精神。

3. 养成良好的学习习惯,形成有效的学习方法。


1.正确使用五个介词。in, on, under, behind, near。

2.能正确地使用否定句There isn?t….There aren?t …,及正确使用any


Step1. Sing a song. Two jackets

Where are the jackets?

Step2. Free talk

What?s in your school bag?

Is there a … in your pencil case?

Are there any … in your desk?

How many … are there in your school bag?

Look, I have a small bag. What?s in my bag?

Step3. Presentation

1. This toy bear is my daughter?s favourite toy. But I don?t like it. I love rabbits very much. Look, here?s a lovely rabbit.

(出示:一只兔子坐在盒子上) Where is the rabbit?

(改变兔子的位置,在盒子里) Where is it now?

(把兔子放在盒子下面) Look! Where is the rabbit now? Is it in the box?

2. T: Now, look. Here is the new word. Please read after me. (出示:under领读三遍,中间稍停)

T: Now, can you answer? Where is the rabbit?

3. Yes, it?s under the box. Look, is the rabbit under the box now? (兔子在盒子后面) Where is it?

Now, look. Here is the new word. Please read after me. (出示:behind领读三遍 )

4. Now, boys and girls, please look at the screen and answer my questions. Look at picture one. Where is the rabbit?

Yes, it?s behind the box. Please look at picture 2. Where is the rabbit?

Great, it?s in the box. …

5. Look at the pictures and read the words together.

Step4. Practice

1. Look at the pictures and work in pairs.

2. Act.

3. Read the dialogues together.

4. T: Look! I want to draw a picture. There is some paper on the desk. But what else do I need? There?s no…

T: Here is the new word. Please read after me. (出示:lamp领读三遍)

T: Look at the picture now. The boy wants to copy the new words.

T: You can see, there is a copybook on the desk. But there isn?t a pen.

T: So can you help him?

T: Yes, you can say here?s a pen for you.

5. Here?s another picture, what can you say?

6. Good. Look at the pictures. And make a dialogue with your partner. You also can open your books and you can find the pictures in part D.

7. Act out the dialogues.

Step5. Consolidation

1. (The teacher show a picture of a room) T: Boys and girls, do you have this room? Listen to me and draw in the room.

T: There?s a bed beside the wall.

T: There?s a photo on the wall.

There is a table beside the bed.

There is a football under the table.

There are some pears on the table.

There is a sofa behind the table.

There are some sweets on the sofa.

2. 学生二或三人一组用自己准备的图片说说、并且编成对话练习。

3. 教师巡视全班,帮助有困难的学生。

4. 教师请几组上台表演。(教师帮助用实物投影仪放大学生的图片)

如:S1: Hello, is this your new bedroom ? Do you like it ?

S2: Yes, I like it very much.

S1: Where?s your bed?

S2: It?s beside the window.

S1: Where?s your ……..?

Step4. Homework

1. Copy the new words. 2. Look at the room and make a dialogue.

5A Unit 2 A new house

一、教学内容: 单元Part E、F、G、H



1. 进一步掌握句型 What? s in/ on/ under/ behind …?及其回答There is a… in/ on/ under/ behind…./ There are some …in/ on/ under/ behind…。

2. 能正确掌握词汇的用法.

3. 熟读对话,并初步改编或扩充本单元所学的对话。

4. Say a rhyme “Do you like my house?”


1. 能看图、用英语说故事。

2. 能正确读出元音字母a在重读闭音节单词中的发音

3. 掌握介词的用法。


1. 培养学生参与课堂的积极性。

2. 发扬团队合作精神。

3. 培养学生细心的学习态度和观察能力。




Step1. Enjoy the chant “Do you like my house?”

Step2. Free talk

1. Greetings.

2. Look at the picture of the text and answer the questions.

How many rooms are there in Yang Ling?s house? What are they?

3. Read the text together.

Step3. Revision

1. Review the words:

T: What?s in the picture? (show the word picture)

S: There is a … in the picture.

2. Practice the dialogue:

T: What?s in the box?

S: There is a toy dog in the box.

T: What?s under your book?

S: There are some pens under the book.

板书: What? s in/ on/ under/ beside/ behind/…?

There is a… in/ on/ under/ behind/…。

There are some …in/ on/ under/ behind/…。

3. T: Here I have another picture for you. Can you ask a question according to the picture? (引导学生提问)

T: Great! We can ask? What?s behind the door??

We can ask ?Where are the umbrellas??

And we also can ask ?Are there any umbrellas behind the door??

4. Work in pairs:

T: You did a good job! I?ll show you another picture. You can use the sentences to ask and answer with your partner.

Step4. Presentation

1. Part F

T: Boys and girls, I have two pictures. Look carefully, there are some differences in these two pictures.

Look, there is a book in Picture 1. But there isn?t a book in Picture 2.

Can you make sentences like this?

T: Good, you also can say ?There are some glasses in Picture 2. There aren?t any glasses in Picture 1.?

T: Now, open your books. You can see two pictures on page 20. Please make some sentences according to the pictures.

2. Part E

T: Boys and girls, do you feel tired? Let?s have a rest. Here I have a story for you. Would you like to listen to it?

T: I think it?s a funny story. Let?s read it sentence by sentence. You can open your books.

3. Part G

T: Now, please look at the screen, can you read these words?

T: That?s right. Black, happy, hat, rabbit.

T: Can you read this sentence now?

T: Yes. The rabbit in the black hat looks very happy.

Here the letter “a” pronounced /?/.Can you give me some similar words?

S: bag, map, glad, apple.

T: Great!

4. Part H

T: At the beginning of the lesson we enjoyed the rhyme ?Do you like my house?, now let?s learn to read it.

Today we learned Part E, F, G, H of Unit 2. We learned a funny story and a nice rhyme. I hope you can tell the story to your parents and review Unit 2 by yourselves after class.

Step5. Homework

1. 复习背诵本单元的单词、词组及句子。

2. 完成练习与测试上的部分习题。

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