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Unit 7 After school

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。Unit 7 After school


一、教学内容:Part A



1. 学生能够运用以下的单词,词组和句型找人和谈论放学后的活动

after school, class, look for, join, study, over, I’ll

Is he doing…?

Is she doing…?

Are they doing…?

Perhaps they are.

Where are you going?

I’ll go and join them.

2. 学生能够在语篇学习的过程中初步感知现在进行时的一般疑问句。 能力目标:

1. 学生通过小组自主合作的学习,优化自主学习的方法并增强个体之间合作的能力。

2. 学生通过对话的学习,增强与他人交流与沟通的能力。




1. 学生初步感知现在进行时的一般疑问句。

2. 学生学会围绕After school这一话题展开谈论。




多媒体课件 毛绒玩具若干


Step1. Free talk

T: Today let’s meet a new friend. Who’s he? This is his family. What are his family doing at home? Let’s watch a cartoon.

Answer my questions: where’s Tom’s brother? What is he doing?

T: Oh, they’re busy in the evening. And we’re busy now. We’re having an English lesson. Today we’re going to learn Unit 7. (请学生读课题,并出示在PPT上)

T: After school I’m going to play volleyball. (板书:I’m going to…)

What are you going to do after school?

S: 引导学生用I’m going to回答。

T: Today some new friends are on the grass after school. They are Mr Bear, Miss Rabbit

and Mr Monkey.

Let’s say“Hello”to them.

T: What are they doing on the grass?

Let’s guess, ok? Here are some tips for guessing.

(1). You can guess: Is Mr Bear running ?

(2). And you also can guess: Are they...?

(学生的猜测教师给予Perhaps he is. Maybe, she is.的评价)

T: What are they doing on the grass? Let’s have a look.

Is Mr Bear …? What is Mr Bear doing?

Is Miss Rabbit…?

Is Mr Monkey…?

Let’s say the chant.

(同时出示板书Is he doing…? Is she…? Yes, he/she is. No, he/she isn’t.)

Step2. Presentation and practice

1. T: Look, after school Gao Shan is in the teacher’s office.

Look at the picture. Can you say something about the picture?

2. T: Gao Shan is looking for Wang Bing now.

What will he ask Miss Li?

Read the dialogue in groups, then judge.

3. T: Will Gao Shan go and join them?

S: Yes.

T: If you are Gao Shan, do you want to join Wang Bing and Mike?

What can you say?

S: 预测学生会说

I want to go and join them.

I want to play basketball with them.

Let me go and join them.

T: 此处教授I’ll go and join them.

4. T: Please read the dialogue after me.

5. T: So where’s Gao Shan going now? Look, on the way to the playground who does he meet?

S: He meets Helen.

T: Yes. if you are Gao Shan, what will you ask Helen?

6. Let’s make a dialogue accordion to this picture.

7. Put the sentences in the correct order.

8. T: You did a very good job.

This time please open your books. And read in pairs.

No.1 and No.3 are Helen.

Step3. Consolidation

1. Retell the text

It is in are over. Gao Shan is

them. Now Gao Shan doesn’t want to join

2. T: Are you ready? Please discuss in groups.

(1) Fill in the blanks.

(2) Dicuss in groups.

(3) Check.

Step4. Homework

1. Read the dialogue.

2. Preview Part B C D.

Unit 7 After school


一、教学内容:Part BCD

二、教学目标 知识目标

1. 能听得懂,会说,会读,会拼写单词及短语a newspaper, a picture book, a magazine, chess, cards, a yo-yo, play with。

2. 能听得懂,会说,会读,会写现在进行时的一般疑问句及其回答: Is he/she…? Yes, he/she is. No, he/she isn’t. Are they …? Yes, they are. No, they aren’t. They are… 能力目标

1. 能够掌握B部分词汇和短语,并能灵活运用。

2. 能够运用现在进行时描述生活中的场景,并能与他人交流。 情感目标

1. 在小组合作的多向互动中,促进和培养自主互助学习的能力,以及创新精神和合作意识。

2. 通过小组活动的学习,激发学生运用所学知识结构谈论自己生活中的人和事,从而学会语言的运用,增强英语语言学习的兴趣。


1. B部分动词短语的掌握,及其在现在进行时的运用。

2. 能听得懂,会说,会读,会写现在进行时的一般疑问句及其回答:Is he/she…? Yes, he/she is. No, he/she isn’t. Are they …? Yes, they are. No, they aren’t. They are…


1. B部分词汇及短语的掌握和灵活运用,magazine的读音掌握。

2. 现在进行时的一般疑问句及其回答,以及句型结构的掌握和运用。


Step1. Warming up

1. Sing a song: Are you sleeping?

2. Talk about the song.

T: What are brother bear and little John doing?

3. Talk about the Ss.

T: What are you doing?

Step2. Revision and presentation

1. (Show the picture of Part A.) what are Miss Li’s students doing after school? Read the dialogue together. Then answer my questions.

T: What are the children doing?

2. (Show three pictures of Part B:read a newspaper, read a picture book, read a magazine.) look! Some students are reading? What are they reading?

Guess: Is he/she reading a ... ? Yes, he/she is. No, he/she isn’t.

Pair work. Read and guess.

3. (Show two pictures of Part B:play chess, play cards, play with a yo-yo.)

Look at the pictures. Guess: Are they play …? Yes, they are. No, they aren’t. What are they playing?

4. Show all the pictures of Part B.

Read loudly.

5. The children are doing different things. Some are reading. Some are playing. Try to sing with the music of “Are you sleeping?”

Is she reading? Is she reading?

Yes, she is. Yes, she is.

She’s reading a magazine. She’s reading a magazine.

It’s great fun. It’s great fun.

Work in groups of four. Make a new one with the phrases of Part B.

Step3. Practice

1. (Show the first picture of Part C. Go on to sing.)

T: Is he sitting on the football?

Ss: No, he isn’t. No, he isn’t.

T: Where is he sitting? Where is he sitting?

Ss:He’s sitting on the basketball.

2. T: There are some other children. What are they doing?

Show all the pictures of Part C.

Pair work.

Check up one by one.

3. (Show the fourth picture of partD and talk.)

T: Look at the three boys. Are they playing football?

Ss: No, they aren’t. They’re playing basketball.

T: Where are they playing basketball?

Ss: They’re playing basketball in the playground.

4. T: What about the other ones?

Show all the pictures of Part D.

Talk about them.

5. Open your books, look, read and complete.

6. Check up in groups.

Step4. Consolidation

1. T: Different children are doing different things after school. Suppose it’s 3 o’clock.

What are you doing?

Ss: …

2. Work in pairs.

Who (pink) What (yellow) Where(blue)

Write the information according to the colour of the card in pairs.

Check up.

Ss try to put the information together.

3. T: You are doing so many funny things.

Here’s a funny man. He likes doing funny things, too.

Look! Who’s he? He’s on a funny holiday.

4. Watch a piece of video about Mr Bean.

5. T: What is Mr Bean doing?

Try to narrate for Mr Bean.

Show four scenes of the video.

Work in groups of four.

Check up.

Step5. Homework

1. Copy and recite the new phrases in Part B.

2. Write down the exercise of Part C in the book.

3. Try to finish the narration in groups and write a passage about Mr Bean after class.

Unit7 After school





1. 掌握单词词组food, cry, laugh, game, run after …

2. 能看懂E部分小故事,并会用英语讲述这个故事。

3. 了解字母i在单词中的读音。

4. 会读小诗In the evening。


1. 能用现在进行时的陈述句形式描述场景。

2. 能熟练掌握现在进行时的一般疑问句,并会正确运用。


1. 培养学生的创新能力。

2. 培养学生之间的默契。



Step1. Revision

T: Hello, boys and girls. Nice to see you again.

T: First, let’s play an interesting guessing game.

The 1st one: Jim is in the classroom. What is he doing? Guess!

S: Is he cleaning the windows? Is he reading a magazine? Oh, he’s playing with a yo-yo. T: Look, what is he doing?

The 2nd one: Su Hai is in the study. What is she doing? Guess!

S: Is she doing her homework? Is she reading a newspaper?

T: Look! What is she doing? (She’s sweeping the floor.)

The 3rd one: My friends and I are in the garden. What are we doing? Guess!

S: Are you playing on the swing? Are you playing cards?

T: Oh, We’re …

The 4th one: Ben and his friend are in the sitting-room. What are they doing? Guess! S: Are they watching TV? Are they playing cards, too?

T: Look! What are they doing? They are playing chess.

Step2. Presentation and Practice


1. T: Do you like this game? We can play this game with our friends. Work in pairs.

2. Please read after me.


1. T: OK. So much for the game. Now, it is story time. First, let’s watch the cartoon. Please watch and think: What’s in the story? (播放金太阳U7 story一遍)

2. T: Do you like this story? What’s in the story?

T: Yes, there’s a dog, a mouse and a cat.

3. Here are some pictures about this story. Can you put them in the correct order?

4. Check.

T: 公布正确顺序。

5. T: Now let’s look at them one by one.

T: the 1st one: Look! What is the dog doing?

T: Yes, it’s running. And it’s点击出示句子,带读词组) T: the 2nd one: Now, where is the little mouse?

T: Yes, it’s sitting under the bed.

T: the 3rd one: Is the dog sitting under the bed, too? What is it doing?

T: It’s jumping on the bed.

T: the 4th one: What is the mouse doing now?

T: Oh, it’s eating the dog’带读,教)

T: the 5th one: Oh, poor dog! What is the dog doing now?


T: How about the mouse?

T: It’带读,教)

T: the 6th one: What is the mouse doing now?

T: Look! It’s dancing on the dog’s head now.

6. T: Now, boys and girls. Can you tell this story?


1. T: Show a picture of part G. What can you see in this picture?

2. (出示five, kite, like, tiger) T: Now please read after me.

3. T: Right! 这里字母i的发音是 / ai/ Do you like this kite?

I like five tigers on the kite. Now read after me.

4. T: Good! 除了这四个单词,你还能想到哪些单词,其中也有字母i发/ ai /的呢? Step3. Enjoy a rhyme


1. T: First, let’s listen! In the evening.

2. T: In this rhyme, Tom’s family are very busy. What are they doing?

What a busy family!

3. T: Now, read the rhyme and complete it.

4. Let’s chant together.

Step3. Homework

1. Read the dialogue and story.

2. Recite the rhyme.

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