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一年级 英语

Part one:Circle Yes or No, 5 points each. 第一部分:读图,判断对错,每题5分 Example This is an apple.


1. This is a bed.

Yes No

2. This is a potato.

Yes No

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3. This is a mouse. Yes No

4. This is a watch. Yes No

5. This is a sheep.

Yes No

Part two:Circle the right picture, 4 points each. 第二部分:读句子,圈出正确图片,每题4分 Example

It‘s a pen.

6. It‘s a head.

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7. It‘s a cherry.

8. It‘s a house.

9. It‘s a mirror.

10. It‘s milk.

Part three:Circle the first letter, 4 points each. 第三部分:看图,圈出单词的第一个字母,每题4分 Example

h o

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11. y p d

12. p j q

13. f u c

14. e y i

15. v l r

Part four:Read the sentence and circle the right picture, 4 points each.


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Which one is the bus station?

19. Which animal can swim for a long time?

16. I don’t like peaches.

17. Put the broccoli into the bowl.

18. This is a baseball.

第5页 共8页 20. Which one can you bounce?

Part five:Circle the right sentence, 3 points each. 第五部分:看图,选择正确句子,圈出A 、B或C,每题3分 Example

A. The frog is crying.

B. The dog is throwing. 第6页 共8页


A. Her name is Pat.

B. His name is Pat.

C. Its name is Pat.


A. The plane is behind the box.

B. The bike is in the box.

C. The ship is on the box.

A. I’ve got ten eyes, five arms and one ear.

B. I’ve got three feet, three eyes and no tails.

C. I’ve got seven ears, five feet and a tail.

第7页 共8页 24. A. The girl is wearing a cap. B. The girl is swimming. C. The cat is wearing a hat. 25. A. The bird is behind the tree. B. The bird is in the tree. C. The bird is under the tree.

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