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一、1. aeiou 2. girl 3. cat 4. Canada 5. small 答案:略

二、1.It has a long nose. 2.I am a girl, I have big eyes.

3. The panda is fat. 4. Nice to meet you, Nice to meet you too.

5. It`s tall and thin. 6.He is my grandfather.

7.The Big Ben is in the UK. 8. He is from Australia.

9.This is my family. 10. My father is teacher.

答案:4-9-7-1-6 2-10-3-8-5

三、1. This is my friend, John . 2.Look at my new pictures.

3.Who’s that girl? She`s my sister.

4.This is my family .We are from Canada.

5.The monkey is short and thin.

答案:C C B A A

四、1.Where are you from? 2. Let`s go home!

3.Who`s that boy? 4.Who`s that woman?

5.Look! This is my new pencil. 6. Nice to meet you .

7.Is she your friend? 8.Look at the giraffe.

9.We have a new friend,today.10.Are you from the UK? 答案:BBBAC AABAB

五、1. --Nice to see you again. –Nice to see you, too.

2. A monkey and a pig.

3.We have two new friends today.

4.I am from Canada.

5.The panda is fat.


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