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三年级英语单元检测题(八)听力材料及参考答案 (听力材料听两遍)

一、1.NMEF 2. pqgy 3. vwxs 4. the UK 5. depv

二、1. dog 2. bread 3.zoo 4.seven 5.nine 6. panda 7.456 8.

our 9. 6788 10.3191046

三、 1.This is orange juice. 2. It’s a tiger. 3. This is milk.

4.This is bread. 5. It’s a panda.

四、1. I have an eraser. 2.Let’s make a puppet! 3. I’m eight years old.

4. What’s that? It’s a duck. 5. I’d like some fish, please.

五、How many elephants? Five elephants.

How many cats? Six cats.

How many monkeys? Nine monkeys.

How many birds? Ten birds.

How many dogs? Two dogs.

六、1.Can I have some milk? 2.What’s this? 3.Thank you.

4.Happy birthday! 5.How old are you?


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