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? 能就一定的话题或提纲在半小时内写出120-150词的短文,能写短信和便条, 表达意思清楚,无重大语言错误。

? 1.大学英语四级考试的作文部分不是自由作文,而是有控 制的作文,对考生写什么内容有比较明确的要求,用各种 明确的方式如提纲、图表、关键词等加以规定;但提纲常 用中文给出.以避免考生将提纲中的文字直接抄录进作文 。 ? 2.写作内容包括日常生活和一般常识,不含有背景知识方 面的困难,(一般不会考查时政热点的内容 ),使考生 能够展开思想,无论学习好的和学习一般的学生都有内容 可写,以便达到考核书面表达能力的目的。

? 四级作文通常要求考生将短文写成三段式,考生在写作时 要看清作文题目对段落划分的要求。如果题目要求写成三 段式,就要按要求写;如果题目对段落无明确要求,最好 以写三段或四段为宜。四级作文试题不要求像一般写文章 那样有起始段、主体和结尾段之类的完整结构,只要求按 照作文题意写出紧扣主题的约120—150词的三段式短文就 可以了。 ? 四级作文文体大多是涉及介绍情况、提供信息、解释事物 、阐述观点、表达见解等的记叙文或议论文。

? The above bar chart clearly shows us education pays in 2010. We see that one with higher education background earns more money weekly than those with lower ones. For instance, the college students with no degree get paid$712 per week whereas those with a Bachelor’s degree can earn $1038. ? Several reasons, in my opinion, can be identified to account for this phenomenon. To begin with, compared with those with comparatively lower education degree, people who have received higher education possess considerably wider knowledge, more remarkable learning and research ability, greater innovation and most of all, resourceful social network, all of which are essential to a high-income work. Also, the higher one’s education degree is, the bigger platform he will have to show his ability. For example, his college, university, or research institute will organize various job fairs for them to communicate face to face with employers. ? This phenomenon tells us that education is a worthy investment. Therefore, substantial education investment should be strengthened while we, as college students, should study harder to build our country and strive for a better life for ourselves.

Education Pays

? Part Ⅰ Writing (30minutes) ? Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled Excessive Packaging following the outline given below. You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words. 中 华 考 试 网 ? 1.目前许多商品存在过度包装的现象 ? 2.出现这一现象的原因 ? 3.我对这一现象的

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