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Unit 4 lesson 1小卷子

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Unit four lesson one

Ⅰ.Complete the sentences with the given words in their proper forms.

1. We must not only think of__________________ but also others. (we)

2. The singer’s ___________________ voice is full of the concert hall. (move)

3. The audience left the hall after the wonderfu_____________________.(perform)

4. What are the ____________________ between these two computers? (different)

5. Finally they returned to the village _________________. (safe)

6. If you want to be ________________, you must work hard. (success)

7. Tao Xingzhi was one of the greatest ____________________ in China. (educate)

8. Don’t be nervous! Make ________________ at home, everyone. (you)

9. Last month we received Peter’s ______________________ and went to his birthday party

happily. (invite)

10. Tibet was our first _________________ for vacation, but all the flights were full. (choose)

11. Listen! Our English teacher is playing the piano _________________ in the next room.


12. Taxi ________________ are developing very quickly in China. (serve)

13. Schoolboys can always get ____________ from watching cartoons. (please)

14. The Bund, Yu Garden, the Oriental Pearl Tower are the tourist _______________ in

Shanghai.( attract)

15. Cathy felt happy when she got the _______________ birthday present. (excite)

16. The doctor took her temperature and examined her __________________. (care)

17. I live on the _______________ floor, so I have to go up and down by lift. (twenty)

18. It snowed ________________ last night and now the streets are covered with snow.(heavy) Ⅱ.从方框中选择合适的词填空,并注意用正确形式

1 . You mustn’t only think of _____________ .

2.Jimmy must attend classes every weekend . She has no freedom _____________ .

3.I called for a Taxi and it arrived ______________ 4 . Liz used to be ______________ . 5 . My doctor _________________ me to take more exercise to keep fit .

6 . As a fireman , he needs _________________ fires and save people .

2. Take it easy. We still have time to finish the job.

3. Thomas Edison

4. _______________ Jack! He won the first prize in the speech contest.

5. Our monitor gets to school earliest _________________.

Ⅲ.Rewrite the sentence as required(根据要求改写句子,每空一词):12%

1. This thick dictionary cost me 98 yuan . (否定句)

This thick dictionary ______ _______ me 98 yuan.

2.The businessman never takes the plan when he goes to Nanjing.(反意疑问句)

The businessman never takes the plan when he goes to Nanjing , _______ ______?

3. My sister is very weak. She can’t go to school today. (保持句意)

My sister is ______ weak _______go to school today.

4. Tom’s mother made a phone call to him yesterday. She didn’t send e-mails. (保持句意) Tom’s mother made a phone call to him ________ of _________ e-mails.


_______ ________ will we finish the work ?


_________ does Mr. Wang look ________?

7. There is something wrong with my bike . ( 改为否定句 )

There __________ _________ wrong with my bike .

8 . My sister is not old enough . She can’t go to school . ( 保持原意)

My sister is __________ _________ to go to school .

9. You should stay at hospital for another few days . ( 保持原意)

You _________ __________ stay at hospital for another few days .

10 . He had to finish his homework first . ( 改为否定句 )

He __________ ___________ to finish his homework first .

11 . David runs faster than Jack . ( 保持原意)

Jack doesn’t run __________ _________ as David .

12 . Tom didn’t go to the cinema yesterday . He stayed at home . (保持原意)

Tom stayed at home _________ _________ going to the cinema .

13. There is nothing serious with your leg . ( 保持原意)

There is nothing __________ __________ with your leg .

14 . Julia liked singing better than dancing . ( 保持原意)

Julia _________ singing __________ dancing .

15 . Mary has to lose weight . ( 改为反意疑问句 )

Mary has to lose weight , ___________ ___________ ?

16 . The word on the blackboard was so small that I couldn’t see it clearly .(保持原意) The word on the blackboard was __________ small _________ me to see clearly .

Ⅳ.Cloze test:

Scientists are trying to turn the deserts(沙漠) into good land again. They want to b___1__ water to the deserts, so people can live and grow food there. They are learning a lot about the deserts. But more and more of the earth is becoming deserts. Scientists may not be able to change the deserts in time.

Why is more and more land becoming deserts? Scientists think that p___2__ are desert makers. People are doing bad t__3__ to the earth.

Some places on the earth don’t get much rain, but they still don’t become deserts. This is because some green plants are g___4___ there. Small green plants and grass are very i__5__ to dry places. They not only stop the hot sun from making the earth even drier, but also stop the wind from blowing the dirt(尘土) away. When a bit of rain falls, the plants hold the water. W__6___ plants, the land can become a desert much more easily.

1.________ 2._________ 3._________ 4.__________ 5.__________ 6________

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