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Unit4 lesson 2小卷子

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Unit4 lesson 2

Ⅰ.Fill in the blanks with the words in their proper forms(用括号内所给单词适当形式填空)

1. She is very ______________ to visit you tonight. You’d better stay at home. (like)

2. So many people are ______________ Bai Xue, the first prize winner in Marathon.(congratulate)

3. Shall we meet at the ______________ to Shanghai Library next weekend?(enter)

4. Whose father is the ______________ of this hotel? (manage)

5. She became ______________ in computer programming when she was a girl. (interest)

6. The old woman is much______________ than before. Now she is living______________. Her life is full of ______________. (happy)

7. It was raining ______________ when I was on my way home. (heavy)

8. Her serious ______________ frightened me. (sick)

9. I felt much ______________ since I stopped smoking. (health)

10. Could you tell me when his ______________ date is ?( arrive)

11. They are all angry to find the little boy is ______________. (honest)

12. What ______________ smell the flowers have! (please)

13. Our ships sailed ______________ in the ocean with the help of the Chinese warships. (save)

14. Which team won the ______________ of the 2006 World Cup? (champion)

15. In our life we will have a lot of ______________ which are difficult to decide. (choose)

16. The young man is a ______________ businessman because his company is getting larger and larger. (success)

17. The little girl looked ______________ at the sight of her mother. (happy)

18. My father is an ______________. When he was young, he made money by selling newspapers to pay for his ______________. (educate)

19. Edison is a famous ______________. He ______________ the light bulb. It is one of his ______________. (invent)

20. How ______________ the penguin looks ! (fun)

Ⅱ. Fill in the blanks with the verbs in their proper forms.(用所给动词的恰当形式填空)

1 . Look ! The doctor ___________________ ( examine ) the student’s teeth .

2 . I’m sorry I have to __________ ( ask ) for leave tomorrow .

3 . You will have a test tomorrow . _______ you _______ ( go ) over your lessons yet ?

4 . Take the doctor’s advice . I hope you _____________ ( get ) better soon .

5 . How much ____________ your brother ___________ ( weigh ) last year ?

6 . John ______________ ( surf ) the Internet twice a month.

7 . We ____________ ( go ) to the zoo if it ____________ ( not rain ) tomorrow .

8 . Dan _____________ ( make ) much money since he started his business in 1980 .

ⅢRead the passage and fill in the blanks with proper words.(在短文空格内填入适当的词,使其内容通顺,每空格限填一词,首字母已给)

A generation gap has become a s_______ problem. I read a report about it in the newspaper. Some children have killed t_______ after quarrels with parents. I think this is because they don't often have a talk with each other. Parents now spend more time in the office, so they don't have much time to stay with their children. As time p_______, they both feel that they don't have the same topics to talk about. I want to tell parents to be more with your children, get to know them and u_______ them. And for children, show your feelings to your parents. They are the people who love you. So tell them your t_______. In this way, you can have a better understanding of each other.

1. s_____________ 2. t_____________ 3. p__________ 4.u_____________ 5.t__________

Since South Korean singer Psy`s Gangnam Style became a global hit, a boy in this music video has also made a deep impression on its viewers.

The Korean boy is only seven years old and his nickname is "Little Psy."After dancing with Psy in the video, he rose to fame and got lots of chances to perform on big stages. Now, he is about to release his own pop song."I hope to slowly step away from Gangnam Style, and start to focus on my own songs, "said "Little Psy." "I want to be a star, more famous than Psy, but I don't want to copy anyone. I want to become a star on my own."

Whether on or off the stage, one thing`s for sure: he is a natural dancer and he loves what he does, even if it means missing out on the fun of hanging out with his friends.

1.o__________ 2. d_________ 3. h_________ 4. t_________ 5. f_________

6. W___________7.l__________

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