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朗三 Chapter 4 2014 June. Month Test I. Scramble the sentences. (3*10’)

1. Person know I is she smartest the


2. say to is she proud daughter their are they


3. have we smallest the is this one

__________________________________________________________ II. Translation. (3*10’)

1. No matter how hard I try, my parents never seem to be satisfied. ___________________________________________________________

2. According to them, we should be more sympathetic when they talk about their problems.


3. My dog is not as friendly as your dog.

___________________________________________________________ III. Fill the blanks( 5*8’)

1. Bicycles are _________(safe) than motorbicycles.

2. English is _____________(useful) than Latin.

3. Your dog is much friendlier than______(my).

4. Your novels are much more interesting than _______(he).

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