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19、My Family

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学校:河源市源城外国语学校 班级:六(1) 姓名:刘鑫林 指导老师:王廷飞

19、My Family

I have a happy family. My father is very funny my mother is pretty and quite, my brother is very naughty, but he is lovely. I love him very much. My father is a teacher. He teaches English in ZhongShan primary school. He also teaches me.

My mother is a shop assistant. She works in GuangSheng supermarket . If I want to buy something, I can go there. Sometimes I can help her do some works. She feels very happy.

My brother is a naughty boy. He often disturbs my mother. But my mother never feels angry. My brother is a student in Grade one. He studies in ZhongShan School, too. We usually go to school together.

Last weekend we had a good time, we went to Beijing for there days. We were very happy.

On the first day, we went to the Great Wall. It was so pretty! We climbed the Great Walk. I took some pictures with my family.

On the second day, we rowed boats. Then I sang and danced with my new friends. I was happy. What’s more, I ate Beijing Duck. It was really delicious.

On the third day, we went to the zoo. We saw so many animals. We saw many elephants、monkeys and tigers. I knew that human beings and animals are friends on earth. We should protect and love the animals.

My family is full of love. Everybody in my family can fed this kind of emotion. I love my family forever.

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