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一、情态动词can 的相关练习。

1)你会溜冰吗?1)______ you ________? 2)-----Can I go now? ----- Yes,_____________. / No, ____________.

3) 露西不可能在教室里面。 Lucy _______ be in the classroom.

4) 这可能是真的吗? _____ this_____ true?

5)他不可能超过60岁。 He _______ be over sixty.

二、there be句型练习

1. 将下列句子变成否定句和一般疑问句。

1). There is some water in the bottle.



2). There are many apples in the box.



3). There is a book and a pen on the desk.



4). There are a lot of children in the park.



三. 用恰当的be动词填空。

1). There ________ a lot of sweets in the box.

2). There ________ some milk in the glass.

3). There _________ some people under the the big tree.

4). There _________ a picture and a map on the wall.

5). There ________ a box of rubbers near the books.

6). There _________ lots of flowers in our garden last year.

7). There _________ a tin of chicken behind the fridge yesterday.

8). There __________ four cups of coffee on the table.

四、 人称代词练习题

9).Her sister is helping _______(we)

10).John and I are in the same school.____(we)go to school together.

11).Everyone likes_____(she), do ______(you)?

12). Danny gives the book to ______ (you).

13)._____ (I) have many friends. Some of_____(they)are good at English.

14)Jim is English. ________ (I) like playing with _______(he).

15)7.I love _______(they)very much.

16).Miss Li often looks after________(she).

17).They are waiting for__________(they).

18).Do you like Li Ming? No, ______(I) don’t like _____(he)

19).These books are _____. _____ are in _____ bags.

A. my. You, You B. My, Yours, your

C. mine, Your, Yours D. mine, Yours, you

21).These books are _____. _____ are in _____ bags.

A. my. You, You B. My, Yours, your

C. mine, Your, Yours D. mine, Yours, you

22. I have a beautiful cat. _________name is Mimi. These cakes are _________. ( it )

23. Are these ________ tickets? No, ________ are not _________. ________ aren’t here. ( they ) 24.Shall ________ have a look at that classroom? That is _________ classroom. ( we )

25. May I sit beside _________? ( you )

26( ).This is ____classroom,____is over there.

A. theirs ; ours B. their ours C. theirs our's

27.The football is_____(they)

28.The pretty woman is_____(we) teacher


1. They come from different ______ A. country B. countries C. a country D. countrys

2. How many ______ do you see in the picture? A. tomatos B. tomatoes C. tomato D. the tomato

3. They are______. A . woman teachers B. women teachers C. women teacher D. woman teacher


1. I have two_____ (knife) 2. There are many _____ here. (box)

3. There are many _____ on the road. (bus) 4. A few _____ are drawing on the wall. (boy)

5. The _____ are playing football now. (child)

四. How many , How much 的练习。


1.How _____ is that skirt? 2. How ______ people are there in your family?

3. How _______ rice do you need? 4. I have _____toys in my house.

5. How ______ bread is there in the box?

6. They need three bags of salt. (就划线部分提问)


7. I have some books .(否定句,一般疑问句,及回答)



8. We don’t have _____ water in the pool.

A. any B. little C. some

9. ---How about _____ rice? ---Thank you.

A. some B. any C. many

10. ---Do you have ____ vegetables? ---Here they ____.

A. any, are B, some , is C. any, be

七 疑问词专项练习 Who Where When How much Whose What colour What day Which How old How about How long What

1、A: _______ is the boy in blue? B: He’s Mike.

2、A: _______ wallet is it? B: It’s mine.

3、A: _______ is the diary? B: It’s under the chair.

4、A: _______ is the Christmas Day? B: It’s on the 25th of December.

5、A: _______ are the earphones? B: They are 25 Yuan.

6、A: _______ is the hairdryer? B: It’s blue.

7、A: _______ is it today? B: It’s Sunday.

8、A: _______ was it yesterday? B: It was the 13th of October.

9、A: _______ this red one? B: It’s beautiful.

10、A: _______ is it from here? B: It’s about two kilometer away.

11A: Can I have some paper and some crayons? B: _______ ? A: I want to make a kite.

12、A:_______ one is fatter, the blue one or the red one? B: The blue one.

13、A:_______ is your cousin? B: He’s 15 years old.


_____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ 笔记本电脑) is on the table.






1. One day Mr. and Mrs. White go shopping by car. They stop their car near a store. They buy a lot of things and they want to

put the things in the car. But Mr. White can’t open the door of the car, so they ask a policeman to help them. The policeman is very friendly to help them. Just then a man comes up and shouts: “What are you doing with my car?”

Mr. and Mrs. White take a look at the car’s number and they are frozen there. It isn’t their car.

( ) 1. Mr. and Mrs. White drive for ___________.

A. fishing B. shopping C. business

( ) 2. They stop their car _________.

A. at the parking spot B. near the sea C. near the store

( ) 3. They want to put the things _______.

A. in a big bag B. in their car C. in other’s car

( ) 4. Mr. White can’t open the car, so __________.

A. they walk home B. they ask a policeman to help C. they call a taxi


1)I can buy some bread in the shop .


2) Can I help you?


3)What’s your favourite fruites?




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