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1.保持健康 2.许多水果、蔬菜

3.三公斤西红柿 4.需要多锻炼

5.看少于两小时的电视 6. 稍等片刻

7.不要紧、没关系 8. 邀请某人做某事

9.很合身 10.做某事有趣

11.偿付 12.对……有好处

13.看上去神气又现代 14.很适合你的发型

15.对……友好 16.早饭吃面条

17.穿在任何人身上看起来都很酷 18.去溜旱冰

19.谢谢你的邀请 20.很了解某人


1. I (很少)play chess, but I like to watch.

2. The cost of the trip is too (高的) for most of us.

3. You can drink a lot of water without (变) fat.

4. The doctor asks me to exercise more and eat 少).


6. I want to spend ten (many) minutes reading the books.

7. You’9. People in the (twenty) century liked wearing this kind of clothes.

10. We all look forward to (take) part in the fashion show.

三、语法专练 根据括号中的要求改写下列句子(每空一次)

1. Andy goes to the library twice a week. (对划线部分提问)

to the library?

2. Andy spends twenty minutes reading English every day.(对划线部分提问)

reading English every day?

3. There is a packet of salt in the cupboard?

1) 对”a”提问:there in the cupboard?

2)对”a packet of ” there in the cupboard?

4. Each of us is making a wish.(改为同义句)

making a wish.

5. The coat is too expensive.(改为同义句)

1)The coat costs 2) The price of the coat is 6. I often lie on the couch after lunch.(改为现在进行时)

I on the couch now.

7. How much do the coats cost?

of the coats?

8. Andy spends twenty minutes reading English every day.(改为同义句)

Andy twenty minutes English every day.













( your English if you want to be a top student.

A. to B. in C. with D. at

( ) 2. I love sweet snacks I don’t eat them any more now.

A. but B. and C. so D. because

( )3. ——Where is Kate?

——in her room.

A. read B. reads C. will read D. is reading

( )4. —— I do the laundry first?

——No, you .You can do your homework.

A. Must, mustn’t B. Can, mustn’t

C. Must, needn’t D. May, needn’t

( )5. ——What can I do for you, sir?

——I’m looking for a here.

A. milk B. trousers C. radio D. bread

( )6.——Would you like hot tea, Millie?

——Thanks. I don’t want .

A. some, some B. some, any

C. any, any D. any, some

( )7. —— does the scarf belong to?

—— It’s .

A. Who, mine B. Who, me

C. Whose, mine D. Whose, me

( )8.——What are you going to buy?

——Some . Tomorrow is Halloween.

A. pumpkin lantern B. pumpkins lantern

C. pumpkin lanterns D. pumpkins lanterns

( )9. The silk blouse me, but it doesn’t my skirt very well.

A. matches, fit B. fits, match

C. match, fits D. fit, matches

( )10. ——What’s Daniel doing over there?

——He is ’t it.

A. seeing, look

C. looking for, find B. finding, look at D. looking at, see

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