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根据提示,请以“My birthday” 为题写一篇 作文。

My birthday

My birthday is in
(月日). It’s

(季节). It’s
(天气). I usually

go to school(活动)in the morning. I often go home (活动)in the afternoon. We have a

big/small dinner. I eat
水果) . I play


戏) . I am happy.

根据提供的动词短语和句型,请以“Seasons in Alaer” 为 题写一篇作文。

plant trees, plant flowers, swim in the river, play in the park/ square, have a picnic, fly kites, pick apple/ pears/red dates, walk on the street, Seasons In spring it’s sunny, warm and windy. I can . I often watch flowers on fruit trees . I like to . … … In summer it’s always sunny and hot. I can . … … In fall it’s usually sunny and cool. I can . In winter, it’s always sunny and cold. It doesn’t usually snow. I can . I love all the seasons.

根据提供的动词短语和句型,请以“My day” 为题写一篇作文。

get up, clean bedroom, eat breakfast, go to school, have English class, do morning exercises, play sports, eat lunch, eat dinner, read books, watch TV, do homework, go to bed, My day I usually get up at 8:00 in the morning. I often at 8:20 in the morning. I at .…… I usually at in the afternoon. I often play sports at in the afternoon. … … I usually at in the evening. I often


” 为题写一篇作文。

The picture of the field trip

Look at the picture. We are going on a
field trip. watching insects.. Is taking pictures. is is picking up leaves.

catching butterflies.
having a picnic. chess. We are having a good time.

Are playing


” 为题写一篇作文。

Animals in the zoo

Look at the animals in the zoo. The dog is
swinging. The monkeys are climbing the tree. The elephants are walking. The birds are flying. The bears are fighting.

The pandas are sleeping. The tiger is
running. The ducks are swimming. The

rabbits are jumping.


” 为题写一篇作文。

The picture of the evening of my family
Look at the picture of my family. My
father is reading books. My mother is doing the dishes. My grandma is watching TV. My grandpa is answering the phone. My

sister/ brother is drawing pictures. I am
listening to music. My cat/dog is

sleeping. I love the evening of my family.

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