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姓名____________ 分数___________


1、p_ _tcard(明信片) 2、m _ n(男人们) 3、t _ p(顶部)

4、comp _ ter(电脑) 5、r_ _ht(右边) 6、shopp_ _(shop的过去式)

7、qu_ _ tly(安静地) 8、c_ _ ner(角落) 9、g_ _ t(礼物)

10、bo_ _ om(底部)

二、按要求完成下列单词 (10分)

1、picture(同义词)__________ 2、do (过去式)___________

3、see(过去式)______________ 4、slowly(反义词)_________

5、quiet(副词)______________ 6、child(复数)____________

7、by(同音词)________________ 8、write(同音词)___________

9、walk(过去式)____________ 10、hot(反义词)___________

三、单项选择题 (20分)

( )1、Would you like _____ to the park ? A、go B、going C、to go D( )2、There ______ a pen and two books on the desk .

A、is B、are C、was D、were

( )3、The students are ____ games in the classroon .

A、play B、playing C、to play D、dong

( )4、We _____ to Tian’an men square yesterday .

A、go B、going C、went D、walk

( )5、I’m _____ good friend . you B、your C、yours D、you’s 、went

( )6、The car ____ is than the bike . fast B、faster C、very faster D、too fast ( )7、I like ____ to wangfujing to buy gifts . go B、goes C、going D、went ( )8.May I____with you? plays B.playing C. play D. to play

( )9.Everyone ____tired. A. feels B. feel c.is feel D. Feeling

( )10.I want ___buy some oranges. A.to B. for C./ D. at


( )1.A. bus B. bicycle C. hotel ( )2. A.. wanted B. see C. helped

( )3.A..our B.we C.they ( )4.A.show B.play . C.fun

( )5.A.tail B.kite C.arm

五、选词填空 (10分)

1、I often _____( fly/fies ) on sunny day .

2、I _______(talking /talked ) to my father yesterday .

3、She is ______(crying /cried) now .

4、I _______ (will/ would ) like some tea ,please .

5、There ______ (be) a pen on the desk .、


1、are what now doing you (?) _________________________________________________ 2can tea theirdrink Jenny and LiMing (!)___________________________________________

3、ites flying men some see I (!)_______________________________________________

4、have I canada in a friend (.)__________________________________________________

5、Sundays on to go I library (.)___________________________________________________


( )1. How did you go to the store? A. She is reading the newspaper.

( )2. What did you do yesterday? B. No, thanks.

( )3. How old is the Palace Museum? C. I went to the park.

( )4. Would you like a cup of tea? D. It’s about five hundred years old.

( )5. What is the woman doing? E. We went by bus.


( )1、当你想问“现在几点了”时,应该说______

A、What time is it ? B、What day is it ?C、What is it ? D、How old is it ?

( )2、当你想买一张邮票,询问一张邮票多少钱时,应该说:____ A、

What is a stamp ? B、How much is a stamp? C、Where is the stamp ? D、How is the stamp?

( )3、当我们想问民乐现在天气怎么样时,应该说______ A、

Is it sunny in MinLe now ? B、What’s the weather in MinLe now ?C、

How is the weather in MinLe now?D、Is the weather bad in MinLe now ?

( )4、当你想寄信但不知道邮局在哪儿时,应该说_______

A、 Excuse me ,where is the post office?

B、Do you know what the post office is ?

C、Tell me where the post office is ?

D、Come on ! where is the post office ?

( )5、当你想为别人拍张照片时,应该说______

A、I take a picture for you . B、Let me take a picture

C、May I take your picture ? D、Would you like a picture ?


( 1 ) 阅读短文 ,判断正( T)误( F)。

Hello,my name is Danny.I am writing a letter to my father.I am in Beijing with Jenny and LiMing now.Iam happy here .Beijing is a big city.It’s bigger than Shijiazhuang.There are many cars, buses, bicycles and big trucks in the street.I often go shopping with Jenny ,LiMing and LiMing’s mother.I shop slowly.I bought a big panda.Yesterday, I saw the Palace Museum.I saw chairs and tables in an old room. And I went to Tiananmen Square. I wanted to fly a kite, but it’s too hard for me. I feel and hurt my arm. Jenny put a bandage on my arm.

( )1.Danny is in China now.

( )2.He likes Beijing.

( )3.Yesterday he went shopping.

( )4.He hurt his nose and Jenny helped him.

( )5.There are old chairs and old tables in Tiananmen Square.

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