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( ) 1.A.cute B .cool C .noodles

( ) 2.A.father B. car C. mother

( ) 3.A .old B .taller C .bigger

( ) 4.A.Monday B .kite C .Friday

( ) 5.A.the Great Wall B .Big Ben C. robot 二、单项选择。

( ) 1. Beijing is _________ than Tianjin.

A. biger B. big C. bigger

( ) 2.-------- Will it be windy in Beijing? ----______.

A.No, it will. B. Yes, it will. C. Yes, it is.

( ) 3. Parrot is a very __________ bird.

A. naughty B. shy C .nice

( ) 4. There are many _______ on the river.

A .boat B. boats C. bird

( ) 5.Will you take your kite tomorrow?

A. No, I won’t. B. Yes, it won’t. C. Yes, it is.



( )1. 机器人会做蛋糕。

A. Robot can do everything. 新课 标 第 一网

B. They can help children learn.

C. Robots can make cakes.

( )2.


A. It will do cold tomorrow.

B. Will it be sunny tomorrow?

C. Will it be hot tomorrow?

( )3. 机器人会走路。

A. Robots can talk.

B. Robots can walk.

C. Robots can’t walk.

( )4. 她是一个好老师。

A. She’s a nice teacher.

B. She’s a bit shy. 新 课 标 第 一 网

C. She’s very nice.

( )5. 伦敦是英国的首都。

A .It’s a book about London.

B .London is the capital of England.

C. I’m from England.



( ) 1.What’s that? A. No, it isn’t.

( ) 2.Will you take your ball? B. They will make cakes.

( ) 3. What will they do? C .It’s a robot.

( ) 4. Is Sam stronger than Daming? D .Yes, I will.

( ) 5.Is that your house? E. No, he isn’t.


1is, This , my , mother (.)


2. can, walk , It (.)


3.go swimming, I’ll , on Monday(.)


4.Lingling , taller , than , Amy’s5.it ,Will , in Beijing, be windy, 六、阅读短文 T . _________________________________________. ? _________________________________________ F

Hi! My name is Amy. My friend’s name is Daming. Daming’s hair is shorter. My hair is longer. He is taller than I. And I’m younger than Daming. I’m fatter and he is thinner.

( ) 1.Amy is Daming’s friend.

( ) 2. Daming’s hair is shorter than Amy’s.

( ) 3.Daming is younger than Amy.

( ) 4. Amy is a girl.

( ) 5. Daming is fatter than Amy.

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