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一、听音,选出你所听到的单词或短语。(1分×5=5分) ( )1、A、fourth B、fifth C、first ( )2、A、jump B、July


( )3、A、skate


C、swim ( )4、A、play sports

B、play chess

C、play football ( )5、A、collecting leaves B、counting insects

C、watching insects

二、听音,选出你所听到的句子。(1分×5=5分) ( )1、A. It’s always sunny and hot. B. It’s always windy and cool. ( )2、A. Usually I play go hiking. B. Usually I go shopping.

( )3、A. I like summer best. B.I like winter best. ( )4、A. Today is July 1st. B. Today is July 3rd. ( )5、A. What are you doing? B. What are they doing?

三、听音,给句子标号。 (1分×5=5分) ( )She’s cooking dinner. Please hold on. ( )Hello!56783218.

( )Hello, this is Nina. Can I speak to your mom, please. ( )Thank you.

( )Mom, there is a call for you.


1 2 3 4 5 ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) 五、听音,根据问句,选择正确的答句。(2分×5=10分) ( )1、A、I get

up at 6:30B、They go to bed at 9:30 C、I go to bed at 9:30

( )2、A、They’re jumping B、They like jumping C、It’s jumping. ( )3、A、Yes, he is

B、No, he isn’t.

C、Yes, she is.

( )4、A、Today is June 9th B、Today is Tuesday. C、Today is a fine day. ( )5、A、I like swimming B、I like summer best. C、I can swim in summer.


一、判断画线部分的发音是否相同,相同“√”,不同“×”。(1分×5=5分) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) 二、从下列单词中选出不是同类的一项。(1分×6=6分) ( )1、A、insects B、butterflies C、ants D、hot dogs ( )2、A、draw B、count C、listen D、picnic ( )3、A、watching

B、picking C、catching D、read ( )4、A、when B、often C、sometimes D、usually ( )5、A、summer


C、fall D、March ( )6、A、fifth B、ninth

C、twelfth D、three


1、September(缩写形式) ______ 2、have(ing形式) ______ 3、run(ing形式) ______ 4、is not(缩写形式) ______ 5、writing(动词原形)______ 6、August(缩写形式)______ 四、选择题。(1分×10=10分)

( )1、_______do you eat dinner? —I usually eat dinner_______ 6:00.

A、Where, in B、Who, at C、 When, at ( ) 2、My birthday is _______ October. A、at



( )3、March 12th is_______ .

A、Women’s Day B、Tree-planting Day C、Teachers’ Day ( )4、 _______is the second month of the year.



C、February ( )5、Which season do you like best? _______ .Because I can skate. A、Summer B、Winter

C、Fall ( )6、Is Amy drawing pictures? --- _______.

A、Yes, he does. B、No, she isn’t

C、Yes, he is.


( )7、What _______John doing?

A、is B、are C、am ( )8、What are the tigers doing? ______.

A、It’s fighting. B、 They’re fighting. C、They’re fight. ( )9、I usually _______TV on the weekend..

A、watch B、watching C、look ( )10、_______ ? It’s jumping.

A、What is it doing? B、What are they doing? C、What is she doing? 五、选句子补全对话,将其序号填在横线上。。(1分×5=5分) John: Hello! This is Jack. Amy: Hi, John. John: What are you doing? Amy: ______ John:Oh, well, when do you usually get up on Sunday? Amy:______ John:I get up at 8:30. ______

Amy:Spring. I can plant trees. What about you?

John:______.I like to make a snowman. Oh, that’s all. Thank you ! Amy:______

六、根据句意和首字母提示,补全句中所缺的单词。(1分×5=5分) 1、I usually have E____________ class in the morning.


2、J____________1 is Children’s Day.

3、W______do you like spring? Because I can plant trees. 4、Father is s_______ in the lake now. 5、Sister is p_______the piano. 七、连词成句。(1分×5=5分)(注意大小写和标点符号)

1、climb mountains I often on the weekend ( . )

2、the what is date ( ? )

3、is she writing letter a ( ? )






It’s 10:00 now! We’re in the woods. Tina is drawing pictures under the tree. Three boys are playing football on the grass. Susan is watching insects. Ben is collecting leaves with John. What are the girls doing? They’re catching butterflies. Why aren’t we in the classroom ? Because today is Children’s Day! We are so happy. 1、The students are in the classroom. ( ) 2、Susan is watching birds. ( )

3、Ben and John are collecting leaves. ( ) 4、Today is Children’s Day. ( ) (二)阅读,选择正确回答。(2分×5=10分)

My name is Tim. I'm eleven years old. My birthday is October 2nd. It's in golden fall. The weather is cool and sunny. It's my favourite season. My father's birthday is in October, too. Can you imagine (想到)it's on the same(同一) day! We can enjoy ourselves on that day together! Usually we go hiking or fly kites. Sometimes we have a picnic. We have a lot of fun on that day! ( )1、When is Tim’s birthday?


A、 October 1 B、 October 2 C、 March 2 ( )2、Is Tim’s father’s birthday in October?

A、 Yes, it is B、 No, it isn’t . C、Yes, he does. ( )3、Which season is Tim’s favourite season?

A、 Spring B、 Summer C、 Fall ( )4 、What do they usually do on that day?

A、 They usually go hiking. B 、They usually climb mountains C 、They play the piano.

( )5、Are they happy on that day?

A、 Yes, they are . B、No, they aren’t C、I don’t know. 九、看图写句子。(1分×5=5分)

1 2 3 4 5 6

1、The monkey is jumping.(例句)

2、The ducks ____________________________________ 3、The elephants__________________________________ 4、He_____________________________________________ 5、She____________________________________________ 6、They___________________________________________




1、fifth 2、January 3、skate 4、play sports

5、counting insects 二、选出你所听到的句子。

1、It’s always windy and cool. 2、Usually I play sports. 3、I like summer best. 4、Today is July 3rd. 5、What are they doing?

三、听音,给句子标号。 (2分×5=10分) A: Hello!56783218.

B: Hello, this is Nina. Can I speak to your mom, please. A: She’s cooking dinner. Please hold on. B: Mom, there is a call for you. A: Thank you.

四、听音,判断所听内容与图片是否相符,相符打“√”,不相符打“×”。1、Do you like doing morning exercises? Yes, I do.

2、Why do you like spring? Because we can plant trees in spring. 3、What’s the date today? It’s June 1st. It’s children’s Day. 4、What is the girl doing? She is cleaning her room.

5、Is your mother cooking dinner?No,she is answering the phone. 五、听音,根据问句,选择正确的答句。(2分×5=10分)

1、When do you get up? 2、What is the rabbit doing?

3、Is your mother cooking dinner、 4、What’s the date today?

5、Which season do you like best?


一、1、C 2、B 3、B 4、B 5、B 二、1、B 2、B 3、B 4、A 5、C 三、3-1-2-4-5


五、1、A 2、A 3、A 4、A 5、B



二、1、D 2、D 3、D 4、A 5、D


四、1、C 2、B 3、B 4、B 5、B 6、B 7、A 8、B 9、A

五、1、A 2、D 3、C 4、E 5、B

六、1、season2、June3、why4、swimming 5 playing 七、1、I often climb mountains on the weekend. 2、What’s the date?

3、Is she writing a letter?

4、What do you do on the weekend? 5、They are doing an experiment. 八、(一)1、×2、×3、√4、√

(二)1、B 2、A 3、C 4、A 5、A



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