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四年级 下册第五单元练习

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四年级下册第五单元Unit 5 Shopping

1. 根据汉语意思写出英语单词。







1在厨房_________________ 2.make a shooping list__________3.come with______________

4.go to the supermarket_____________5.它是多少钱?__________________

6.二百____________________7.Here’s the money______________

8.Let’s get some_____________ 9.go upstairs________________

10.say good night__________- 11.sit on the chair______________

12.turn off the light_____________________



( )1.She ____________ a shopping list now.

A. make B.makes C.making D.is making

( )2.Hi,Kids,I’m going to the supermarket, Do you want ________ with me.

A. come B.comes C.to come D.coming

( )3.______ is it? It’s seven yuan. A.What B. How much C.What time

( )4.A:Can we buy some toys? B:_______

A.Yes, you can B.Yes,you do C. Yes,you are.

( )5.I need some ____________. A.potato B.potatos C.potatoes

( )6.These _________ are very good. A. tomato B.tomatoes C. a tomato

( )7. He often _____ to Xiamen by car. A.go B. does go C.goes


1( ) A. juice B.milk C. noodles D. tea

2( ) A. eggs B.beef C.chicken D.fish

3( ) A.fruits B.duck C. tomatoes D.potatoes

4( ) A.bread B.ice cream C.cake D. milk

5( ) A.books B.grapes C.desks D. bike


1.is how it much ._______________________________________?

2. need some I chicken._________________________________________.

3. you do want come to with me ____________________________________?

4. I this like Teddy Bear_______________________________________


1.Hi,kids,I’m_____________ to the supermarket.

2.Do you want to come__________ me,Julia? Sure,Mom.

3.We____________ some chicken,some fruits and orange juice.

4.A:_________ is this Teddy Bear? B: It’s ninety yuan

5.These ______________ are very good. I like them.


fruit, tomato , milk, tea, cake ,bread noodles ice cream beef duck , juice, vegetable chicken.






1. I need some________________(apple)

2. Can we buy some______________(toy). Yes,you can

3. These __________ are very good. (potato)

4. How many__________(book) can you see?

5. Wow,so many______________( tomato).


1. 选出你所听到的单词。

1.( ) A. tomato B.potato C. fruit D. vegetable

2.( ) A. beef B.fish C. chicken D.duck

3.( ) A. tea B.milk C. juice D. ice cream

4.( ) A.dumplings B.noodles C. cakes D.bread

5.( ) A. sixty B.seventy C. eighty D.ninety

2. 根据你所听到的句子,选择正确答语。

1. A.It’s Wednesday B.It’s red C. It’s seven o’clock

2. A.It’s Sunday B.It’s two twenty C. it’s seventy yuan

3. A.On foot B. go to the supermarket C. in a shop

4. A. Yes, he does B. Yes, he can C. Yes,he is

5. A.Yes, she does B.Yes,she is C. Yes, they do


1.A:How much is it? It’s a _____________yuan.

2.We need some____________ and orange juice.

3.I like ____________ toys.

4.Sally’s mother is in the __________. She is making a shopping list.

5.Do you want to come _________me?

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