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小学英语课件3A M4U1 insect

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Module 4 Unit 1:


Hello, my name is Xi Yangyang.I’m tall and thin. This is Mei Yangyang.

Hello,I’m Mei Yangyang.I’m short and th I’m very beautiful. We are good friends.

Today we are very happy. We go to the park.
Now we are in the park. We can see many flowers and trees there. We like the park very much.

Look!It’s an insect. It’s a ladybird.It’s small. It’s red and black. It has six legs. It can fly. What is it? Oh,how nice.It is as beautiful as me. (像我一样漂亮)

baby la _d_ y bird

Ladybird,ladybird,a ____ ladybird.
Ladybird,ladybird, I like the ladybird.


How is the ladybird?
It is _____(big/small). small It’s _____________(colour). red and black Look at this _________. ladybird It has ___ six legs.

It has a round ____ body (身体),too.
It can fly ___. It is a/an ______(insect). insect

What is it?

It’s a ladybird.

What is it?

It’s … .

Now we are in the garden. It’s a butterfly.It’s nice. I see a new insect. It can fly,too. What is it? I like the butterfly.

What is it?

duck plum

It’s a b_tterfly. u

butter+fly= butterfly

I like the blue and purple butterflies.

So I can say:

One and two.
Butterfly,butterfly, Blue and purple.

Butterfly,butterfly, One and two.

____ and ____.

How many butterfl__s? ie



How is the butterfly? Look at the butterflies.

They are nice.
We can see so many colours. They are colourful(五彩缤纷的).

A:What is it?

B:It’s a _________. butterfly
It’s an insect,too. It’s colourful. It has a _____ (fat/thin) body. It has ___ six legs,too. A:Look at this butterfly _________. It’s nice.It can fly. B:It likes _______ flowers very much.

Who is he? He’s Hui Tailang.

Heihei,I am Hui Tailang.I have an ant. But I don’t want to eat ants.Go away! I want to eat Xi Yangyang and MeiYangyang. They’re yummy!Wahahahahahaha!

What’s it?
ants It’s __ _ _. an _ an t

Let’s chant: Ant,ant,I have an ant.

Ant,ant,this is an ant. Ants,ants,look at the ants.
Ants,ants,I like ants.

What’s it?
It’s an __ ___. ant small It is _____(big/small). It’s _____(colour). brown six legs. It has ___

It has a ____ thin body (身体),too. walk fly It can ____,but it can’t ___.
It is a/an ______(insect). insect

Oh,Hui Tailang is coming.Let’s run,Mei Yangyang!

I don’t like Hui Tailang.Help!Help!

Come here,my little babies. You’re so yummy!I want to eat you.

We are bees.We are coming. We want to help Xi Yangyang and Mei Yangyang.

Oh,the bees are coming.They will bite(咬) me. Help!Help!

What’s it?

It’s _ _e _e _. ab

What’s it?

It’s a bee ___.
It’s an ______,too. insect It’s _____(colour).It’s _____(size). yellow small

Look at this ___. bee It can fly.
It likes _______ flowers very much.


body It has six ____ legs and a round ____.

The bees bite Hui Tailang. And Hui Tailang runs a

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