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四年级 下册第四单元练习

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Unit 4 Transportation How do you go to school? How does he/she go to school?

1. 单词,并写出汉语意思。

1.sh___p( ) 2. b __s ( ) 3.w__ ___k ( )

4.___ft___n ( ) 5.pl__ n___ ( ) 6.a____ ___t ( )

7.pl____ce ( ) 8.tr___ ___n ( ) 9.c___ ___ ( )


1.乘校车_________________ 2.on foot__________3.by car______________

4.乘自行车_____________5. 去学校__________________6.go to work____________

7.by ship_______________ 8.She’s from Taiwan_____________

9.by train________________ 10.by plane__________-



( )1.____do they go to school? ---They go to school ____ foot.

A. What ,by B.How, on C.How, by

( )2.How_____he go to Beijing? ----_____ plane. A.do,By B.does,By C.does,on

( )3.______ is it? It’s seven thirty. A.What B. How much C.What time

( )4.Look,the bus _______. A.come B.comes C.is coming

( )5..______ he? He is my father. A.Who B.Who’s C.Who’re

( )6.______he often go to Shanghai by plane? ---Yes, he does A.Do B.Is C.Does

( )7. He often _____ to Xiamen by car. A.go B. does go C.goes

( )8.Two Rabbits are________ in the rain. A.run B.runing C.running D.runs

三.情景对话。下面是Sally 和Wang Tao的对话。

Sally: ________ she?

Wang Tao: she’s my aunt. She’s _________Taiwan..

Sally:Does she go to Taiwan by plane?

Wang Tao: No, she __________. She goes _______ship.

Sally:Taiwan is a beautiful place.

Wang Tao: Yes,it is.


1.he Taiwan does go by to plane ._______________________________________?

2. to go by car I school_________________________________________.

3. how to go Beijing they do.______________________________________?

4. goes, Lily , by, school to .bus._______________________________________


1.Look, the bus is_________________.

2._________go to the zoo.

3.He often_______to school by car.

4._________he go to Shanghai by train?

5.A;____________ a football? B:Good idea.

用do 或does填空:








What ________ you often do on Wednesday? ______she go to school on foot? No, she _______ not How ______ you go to Taiwan? --- By ship How _______ he go to Beijing? -----By plane. _______ you often go to Xiamen? Yes,I do. _________ she go to work by bike? Yes, he ________. _______ you have a Chinese class?

用What 或how 填空。

1. ________ does he go to work? -----By car.

2. ________ do you do every day? ----We have sports every day.

3. ________do you go to school ? --- By school bus.

4. _________ does your aunt go to Taiwan? ---- By ship.

5. _________ do you do on Friday? I play football.


1.Does he go to Dalian by bus? (做肯定回答) Yes,________ _________.

2. Does she go to work by bike? (做否定回答) No,_________ _________.

3.__________does he go to Shanghai? ---By car.(填上疑问词What 或how).

4.________do you often do on Saturday? --- I play the violin. (填上疑问词What 或how)

5.She goes to Taiwan by plane.(改为疑问句)。

__________ she _______ to Taiwan by plane?

6. He goes to school. (改为现在进行时)

He _________ __________ to school.


1. 根据你所听到的问句,选出正确的答语。

1.( ) A. By car B.By school bus C.By ship

2.( ) A. Yes, he does B.No,he doesn’t C. Yes, I do

3.( ) A. Sunday B.Thursday C.Tuesday

4.( ) A.Chinese B.math C.art

5.( ) A. I play the violin B.I play football C.I play in the playground

2. 根据你所听到的句子,完成句子。

1. A:________ ________ is it today? B: It’s Monday.

2. Julia ________ __________ the chairs.

3. Our classroom is _________ and bright now.

4. Please __________ __________ the lights.

5. __________does she go to work? ----By ________

6. ________ he go to Xiamen by bus? No.,she,_________.

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