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( )1、 A、 、、B、 、 ( )2 、 A、 、、B、 、 ( )3、 A、 、B、 、 ( )4、 A、 、 、 ( )5、 A、 、 、 二、请你按要求写单词(10分)。

1、they(名词性物主代词)_______ 2、 carry(单三式)________

3、sheep(复数形式)_____ 4、two(同音词)____5、put(现在分词)_______ 6.right(反义词)______7、short (反义词) ____ 8、.sing(职业) _______ 9.let us(缩写形式)____10.slowly(形容词)_______


( )1、 Are there ____ apples in the box ?

A、 an B、 any C 、 a D、 the

( )2、 There are many ______ in the classroom.

A、 woman B、 womans C、 women D、 womens ( )3、Whose bird are these ? _______ are yours.

A、 They B、 Their C 、 Those D、 Theirs

( )4、 May I take a message _____ you ?

A、 to B、 for C、 from D、 of

( )5、 There is no water on ____ Mars.

A、 a B、 an C、 the D、X

( )6、 There ___ some milk in the glass.

A、 is B、 am C、 are D、 isn’t

( )7、 Go down this street , you can see it ___ the end.

A、 on B、 in C、 under D、 at

( )8、 Is this dog ___ ? Yes , it’s ____.

A、 your , my B 、 yours , mine

C、 yours , my D、 your , mine

( )9、 ______ I borrow your pen ?

A 、 May B、 Must C 、 Does D、 Am

( )10、The light is red. You_____ cross the street.

A、 mustn’t B、 may C、 can D 、 must


1、 How can I get there ?

2、 Yes,there is.

3、 Excuse me .Is there a shop near here ?

4、 You can see it on the right.

5、 Go down this street , turn right.



1、you, clean ,help ,the, me,can ,to ,room,_________________________?

2、can there get how I(?) ________________________________?

3、are some birds there sky in the(.)_________________________.

4、is here you for letter a(.)_______________________________.

5、Jim ,who ,choose ,to ,does ,know ,not________________________.


1、 You must cross the street .(否定句)

2 、 There are some cows in the farm.(一般疑问句)

3、 They are my desks.(对划线部分提问)

4、 There are two birds in the tree . (对划线部分提问)

5、 My name is Mary.(对划线部分提问)


( )1、How many pencil do you want? 改正:__________


( )2.I want half a pound for chicken. 改正:_______


( )3、I doesn`t like music. 改正:_________


( )4、Grandma wants a TV to her own. 改正:____


( ) 5. 改正:_______________

八、阅读短文,然后判断正误,正确打(T),错误打(F)(20分)。 There is a park near our school .We can see many trees and flowers there .We can see a hill behind the park too .At the foot of the hill we can see a river . There are some boats on it . It is Monday today . There are many children in the park .Some are

walking and singing .Some are dancing or playing games .Ann and her brother Tom are flying a kite .Their father and mother are sitting under the tree .All the family are having a good time.

( )1、 There are many trees and animals in the park .

( )2、 There is a hill in the park .

( )3、 Ann and her brother Tom are flying a kite

( )4、 Some children are singing .

( )5、 All the family are very happy .

Tom is a little boy. He is five. Today his father takes him to see his grandparents. His home is far away from his grandparents. So they are going there by bus. There are only nine people on it. They all have seats Tom is very happy. He is running about on the bus. His father says, “don’t run! Sit down, please. ” “I miss my grandfather and grandmother very much. I want this bus to go faster.” Tom says.

( )1. Tom goes to see his grandparents with his mother. ( )2. Tom goes to see his grandparents’ home by bus. ( )3. Tom and his father are running on the bus.

( )4. Tom’s home is far away from his grandparents’. ( )5. The driver tells Tom to sit down.

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