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四年级 下册第六单元练习

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四年级下册第六单元Unit 6 Weather

1. 根据汉语意思写出英语单词。





1天气怎么样?___________________________ 2.take an umbrella with you__________

3.在下午_______________________4.It is raining cats and dogs____________________

5.在北京__________________6.What do you wear?____________________




( )1.Hi,Sally I’m _______Beijing now.

A. on B.at C.in D.

( )2._______ is the weather today? It’s raining,nut it’s warm.

A. What B.How C.Where D.Which

( )3.______ is the weather ______Fuzhou? It’s raining.

A. How, in B.What,in C. How ,on D.What, on

( )4.A:______you wear a coat ? B: Yes, I do.

A.Are B.Can C. Do

( )5.________ do you wear?. I wear a sweater

A.What B.How C.Which

( )6.It is raining_____________

A. cat and dog B.cats and dog C.cats and dogs

( )7. Take an umbrella_______ you. It is raining.

A.with B.and C. of

( ) 8.Take an umbrella, It __________ rain in the afternoon

A.may B.can C. doesn’t

( )9. It is snowing, It’s very __________.

A. warm B.cold C. windy


1( ) A. snowing B.raining C. running D.play

2( ) A. coat B.warm C.windy D. cold

3( ) A.sunny B.windy C. rain D.cloudy

4( ) A.girls B.pens C.cake D. dogs

5( ) A.hands B.birds C.cards D. cat


1.is how weather the ._______________________________________?

2. raining cats it and is dogs._________________________________________.

3. you do what wear ____________________________________?

4. It cloudy in is Xiamen _______________________________________


1.Take ________ umbrella with you. It may rain.

2.It’s cloudy,_______ it’s very warm.

3.__________ do you wear? I wear a coat.

4.A:_________ is the weather in Fuzhou? B: It’s windy.

5.It is ____________ in Beijing, it’s very cold.


1.( ) How is the weather? A.It’s sixty yuan

2.( ) What do you wear? B.It’s six twenty

3.( )What day is today? C.It’s snowing

4.( )What’s the time? D.I wear a jacket

5.( )How much is it? E.It’s Wednesday

6.( )Do you wear a coat? F.Yes.I do


1. 选出你所听到的单词。

1.( ) A. sunny B.cloudy C. windy D. snowing

2.( ) A. cold B.rain C. warm D.snow

3.( ) A.Beijing B.Fuzhou C. Xi’an D. Hangzhou

4.( ) A.hands B.birds C. cats D.cards

5.( ) A. sixty B.seventy C. eighty D.ninety

2. 根据你所听到的句子,选择正确答语。

1. ( )A.It’s sunny B.It’s Tuesday C. It’s seven o’clock

2. ( )A.It’s Sunday B.It’s two twenty C. it’s seventy yuan

3. ( )A.A coat B. by car C. in a shop


1.A:How is the weather ? It’s _____________

2.It is raining___________________________.

3.What do you wear ? I wear a _____________.

4.Look,it’s __________. It may rain.

5.How is the_______________? It’s windy.

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