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Module 6 Travel

Unit 1 I went there last year 教学设计

安远镇中心小学 五年级英语 卫建福

Teaching Aims

Knowledge Aim: Students can listen speak and read the words: photo, stay, week;sentences:where/when did you go...? ---I went …; Did you go with…? ---Yes,I did.\No, I didn’t.

Ability Aim: Students can use the key sentences:“where/when did you go...? ---I went …; Did you go with…? ---Yes,I did.\No, I didn’t.”to ask and answer.

Emotion Aim: 1.Through talking about travel,encourage students open their mouths to speak English. And cultivate the learning motivation of students.

2.cultivate students’ ablity of cooperation and communication.

Teaching important points:

Students can listen speak and read the words: photo, stay, week;

sentences:where/when did you go...? ---I went …;Did you go with…? ---Yes,I did.\No, I didn’t.

Teaching Aids

PPT Whiteboard photos of students

Teaching procedures

Step 1: Warm up

1. Greetings.

2. Free talk.

3. Say a chant.

North north north-north points up. South south south-south points down. West west west -west points left. East east east- east points right.

Step 2:Lead in

T: Boys and gi/rls, I like travel, do you like travel?

Ss: Me too/ I like travel too…

T: Today, we are going to learn a new lesson about travel(导出课题) —— 板书:Module 6 Travel

Unit 1 I went there last year


Paragraph 1

T: Now, I have something to show you. Guess, what is it?

Ss: It’s a …..

T: It's a photo.(教授 photo-photos并板书)

- 1


T: Lingling has got some photos too. First let’s listen and read Paragraph 1. Paragraph 2

T: show pictures and music about Xinjiang and ask :Where is it?


T:Where is Xinjiang?

Ss: .....

T:It’s in theof China. ...

T:Where is Gansu\Neimeng\Yunnan...?

Ss:It’s in theof China.


T:Look at the second paragraph ,we’ll listen two times,at the first time you just listen,and at the second time you should listen and read.Then talk about in groups and answer my questions.


1. Where did Lingling go last year?

2.Did she go with her grandma?

3.When did she go there?

T:Let’s check answers.


Paragraph 3

T: show pictures about Hainan and ask :Where is it?


T:Where is Hainan?

Ss:It’s in theof China.

T:This time read after me.Then talk about in groups and fill in blacks.

出示问题: 1. Hainan is in the _____ of China.

2. Lingling's_____ lives there with his three children.

3. Her _____ visit Beijing every year.They are Li people.


T:show pictures about Li people and other peoples.(教授Li people)


T:Now let’s listen and read the whole text, pay attention to the pronounciation. (教师总结并呈现板书)


- 2


T shows photos and tells about his travel experience. And ask students to guess stay’s meaning.(教授stay并板书)


Step 4 Practice

Activity 1 Show your photos to ask and answer

A:Where did you go? B:I went to … A:When did you go? B:I went there…

A:Did you go with…? B:Yes,I did. / No, I didn't. A:What did you do there? B:I visited …

Activity 2 Make a survey



We have learned so much about travel. Lingling has a good tavel ,and you have a good travel too.

wherever you go ,whatever you do.

Home is the best place for you.

China is our home. So love China ,love our home.



1.Introduce your photos to your friends. 向你的朋友介绍你的照片。

2.Share your travelling experiences with your friends. 与朋友分享你的旅游经历。 Blackboard Design

Module 6 Travel

Unit 1 I went there last year

Photo -photos

Week-weeks Stay

- 3


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