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小学英语 人教版新起点五年级期中测试题

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1. He is f_ _ _ _ny.


ly hair. 4. She is ly.

二. 看图判断对错。(10分)

1. He has freckles. ( ) 2. She has straight hair.( )

3. He is helpful.( ) 4. He is hardworking. ( )

5. They are twins. ( )


1. Tom is the tallest.

2. Sally’s hair is the longest.

3. Bill is the shortest.

4. Mary wears a cap in her head.

5. Mike is the oldest.

( )( )( )( )(


( ) 1. Which ball is bigger?

A. B.

( )2. Who is pretty?

A. B.

( )3. Which is faster?

A. B.

( )4. Which ruler is the longest?

A. B. C.

( )5. Who dances best?


A. B.


( )1._______ hair is black.

A. She B. her C. Her

( )2.My brother’s hair is _________ than my sister’s.

A. shorter B. taller C. slower

( )3.A good student is ___________.

A. lazy B. careless C. honest

( )4.Who is ________, Tom or John?

A. tall B. taller C. the tallest

( )5. A cat is ________ than a dog.

A. bigger B. smaller C. thicker

( )6. My book is _________ in my class?

A. new B. newer C.newest

( )7. The boy is my brother. ________ name is Tom.

A. Her B. He C. His

( )8. The biggest animal is the ________

A. elephant B. dog C. Tiger

( )9.Peter is good at math, English, music and Chinese. He is _______

A. helpful B. careless C. smart


( )1.---What does he look like?

A. He is my friend. B. He is big. His hair is blond.

( )2. --- What is he good at?

A. He is good at English. B. He is my good friend.

( )3. --- What is he like?

A.He is friendly. B. He likes sports .

( )4. ---Who is the quieter?

A. Lucy is quieter than me. B. I am the quietest.

( )5. ---Who sings best in your class?

A. Liu Fang sings better. B. Liu Fang sings best.


1.Binbin often helps me. He is 2.This book is very .

3. He studies in his class.

4. She swims in the class.

5. She sings than her mum.


( )1. He is lazy. He likes watching TV. He doesn’t like homework.

( )2. They like talking. They are talkative.

( )3. They likes swimming. Betty swims slower than Jane.

( )4. Her hair is long. She cooks best.

A. B. C. D.


My name is Sam. I am 12 years old. I run fast. I am friendly. I have two friends. They are Lily and Peter. Lily is only 11 years old. She is shy. She runs faster than me. Peter is 13 years old. He runs faster than Lily. He is popular in our class.Peter is taller than me. I am taller than Lily.

( )1. I am older than Peter.

( )2. Lily is friendly. .

( )3. Peter is shy.

( )4. Lily is the oldest.

( )5. Peter is popular in our class.

6.Who is the tallest?

7. Who runs fastest?

答 案

一.看图补全单词,每空一个字母。 (10分)

fuuny 2. slim 3. curly 4. ugly 5. Thin



三.看图,根据句子表述,写出图中人物的姓名。(10分) Bill Tom Mike Sally Mary







七.从方框中选择合适的单词填在句子中,每个单词只能用一次。(10分) Helpful 2. thick 3. hardest 4. fastest 5.better





Peter is the tallest.

Peter runs fastest

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