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姓名__________ 分数__________


1、tooth(复数) __________ 2、meet(同音词) __________

3、fly(现在分词) __________ 4、late(反义词) __________

5、wife(复数) __________ 6、live(单三) __________

7、valley(复数) __________ 8、wind(形容词) __________

9、swim(现在分词) __________ 10、children(单数) __________


( )1.Is that piece of cheese ___________ me?

A.for B.on C. in D.of

( )2. There is___________bread in the kitchen.

A.some B.any C. a D.an

( )3. ___________ there ___________ water in the bottle?

A.Have;any B.Is;some C. Is;any D.Are;any

( )4.There ___________some sheep on the hill.

A.is B.are C. be D.has

( )5.—Which books? These ones?

—No, ___________.

A.not this ones B.not those one C. not that one D.not those ones ( )6.There is ___________ empty bottle ___________the table.

A.an;in B.a;in C. a;on D.an;on

( )7.—Are there any books on the desk?

—___________ .

A.Yes, there aren’t B.No, there are

C. Yes, there is D.Yes, there are

( )8. A ___________ of meat is 15 ___________.

A.pound; pound B.pounds; pounds C.pounds; pound D.pound; pounds ( )9. There are ___________ in the house.

A.a boy and two girls B.two girls and a boy C.a boy and a girl D.a girl and a boy ( )10. There ___________ some milk and some bananas on the table.

A.is B.are C.have D.has

( )11. Hurry ___________! The bus is coming.

A.off B.on C.in D.up

( )12.Can you ___________them?

A.seeing B.see C.look D.looking

( )13. There are some cars ___________ the building.

A.in front of B.in the front of C.at front of D.at the front of ( )14. There is a blackboard ___________ the classroom.

A.in front of B.in the front of C.at front of D.at the front of


( )15. Can you take these flowers ___________your teacher?

A.in B.to C.of D.over

( )16. — Can you paint this bookcase?

— Yes, ___________ course I can.

A. off B.of C.for D.in

( )17. I can do it, but he ___________.

A.isn’t B.doesn’t C.can’t D.don’t

( )18. Do you like English ___________ Japanese?

A.or B.with C.for D.and

( )19. I like coffee, but my sister ___________.

A.does B.likes C.do not D.doesn’t

( )20.I usually go to school ___________ 7 o’clock ___________ the morning.

A.in;at B.at;in C.on;in D.at;on

( )21.We usually stay ___________ home on Sundays.

A.in B.on C.for D.at

( )22. ___________ the moment they’re playing ___________the garden.

A.At; by B.At; in C.In; on D.In; at

( )23. What ___________ he ___________?

A.is; does B.does; doing C.is; doing D.does; does

( )24. He ___________ his homework.

A.doesn’t do B.does not C. don’t do D.doesn’t does

( )25. ___________ she want ___________ envelope?

A.Do; an B.Does; an C. Do; a D.Does; a

( )26. Tom usually ___________ TV___________ night.

A.watch; at B.sees; at C. watches; at D.see; in

( )27. ___________, I don’t like English at all.

A. Telling you the truth B. To tell you the truth

C. Telling the true D. To tell you the true

( )28. What are you going to ___________ it?

A.do at B. do on C. do with D.doing with

( )29. — Do you have any brothers?


A.Yes, I am B.Yes, I do C. Yes, I have D.No, I do

( )30. ___________ do you want?

A.What else B. What’s else C. Else what D.Else where

( )31.—___________ he help me?

—Sorry, he ___________.

A.Can; can’t B. Cans; can’t C. Can; cans not D.Cans; cans not

( )32. —___________ you ___________ the blackboard?

—Yes, I am.

A.Can; clean B. Am; cleaning C. Are; cleaning D.Do; clean

( )33. What ___________ do in the class?

A.can Jimmy B.Jimmy can C.Jimmy cans D.cans Jimmy

( )34. The ___________ letter in the word “develop” is “v”.

A.second B.third C. fifth D.sixth

( )35. Tom is a worker. He___________ in a factory. His sisters ___________ in a hospital.


A.work; work B.works; work C. work; works D.works; works ( )36. How ___________ Mr. Brown___________ to America?

A.do; go B.is; go C. does; go D.does; goes

( )37.Mary likes apples. I like them, ___________.

A. either B. on C. too D. also

( )38.Jim ___________ at home every Sunday and ___________English.

A. stays; studys B. stays; studies C. staies; study D. staies; studies ( )39. The children ___________ kites on the playground now.

A.fly B. are flying C. to fly D.are going to fly

( )40.What’s ___________?

A.matter B. the matter C. the wrong D.are going on


1.What are you ______? (do)

2. ______ it here. (not put)

3.Look! The girl ___________her mother some flowers. (show)

4.There is a boy in the water. He ___________across the river. (swim)

5.Amy must ______ the room.(clean)

6.Is there ______ wine?(some)

7.I don’t like milk in ______ coffee.(I)

8. There are some _____on the desk.(tomato)

9.There are two bottles of ______.(milk)

10.He helps his ______ with their English.( friend)

11.Whose ______these cases? ______they Mr.Black’s?(be)

12.He ______ to work in the morning everyday.(go)

13.What ______ he______? He is jumping.(do)

14. ______ Mike ______ the newspaper every night? (read)

15. What ______ she usually ______in the morning?(do)

16.The children ___________ in the garden at the moment.(play)

17.Look! The sawyers ______TV.(watch)

18.I usually ______ a meal in the evening.(cook)

19.We are going ___________ the flowers to the teacher.(send)

20.Mrs. Smith ______ at home every day.(stay)




2. 郑州的天气怎么样?









五.阅读理解: (10分) 阅读短文,然后根据内容判断正(√)误(×)。

Mr and Mrs Scott want to buy some new chairs for their new house. They come into a shop and see some very good chairs on the floor. They like the colour and want to know how much they are. They see a price tag (标签) on one chair. It says (上面写着) "¥100". They like the chair but they are too dear (贵) for them. The Scotts don't think they can buy them now. They leave this shop and go to other shops. Mr Scott thinks they can find some cheap chairs.

( )1. Mr and Mrs Scott have a new house.

( )2. They want to buy tables and chairs for their house.

( )3. They think the chairs in this shop are cheap.

( )4. They leave the shop and go home.

( )5. They want to buy good and cheap chairs.


孩子们,周一到周日一周七天你都会做什么事情呢?以“A usual day”为题写一篇文章。可以写周一到周日的任何一天哦!不得少于50字。



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