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Ⅰ 听力部分(30%)

一、Listen and number.听音排序。5%

1、 2、 3、

( ) ( ) ( )



( ) ( )

二、Listen and choose.听音,选择正确的选项。10%

( )1. A、One. B、This is an English book.

( )2. A、It’s time for music. B、It’s ten o’clock.

( )3. A、It’s on my bed. B、It’s yellow.

( )4. A、Yes, please. B、These are tomatoes.

( )5. A、There are ninety. B、Ninety yuan.

三、Listen and write.听音,看看小熊Zoom买了哪些水果,在表格中写



Ⅱ 综合语言运用部分(70%)

一、Look read, and write. 看图读句子,填上单词把句子补充完整。10% 1. It’s 9:20. Amy has an class.

2. It’s 8:15. Amy has a class

3. It’s 11:05. Amy has a class.

4. It’s 1:35. Amy has a class.

5. It’s 10:10. Amy has a class.

二、Look read, and circle.看图读句子,圈出正确的单词。


三、Read and draw 读一读,画线部分发音都相同的画

。8% ,不同的

1.home nose fox 2.music student use

3. milk pig fish 4. ten leg she

四、Look read, and tick. 看图读句子,打“√”选择正确的答案。


五、Look, answer and write. 看图回答并写出答案。10% 1. What time is it?

2. Is this a skirt?

3. What colour is the pear ? 4. How many bananas are there?

5. Are they rabbits?

六、Read and fill the blank. 挑选句子填入对话。10%


Amy: Hi! Tom. I have a new classroom.

Tom: Really? Let’s go and have a look. Wow! It’s big and nice. Amy: Look! A new black board, four fans and six lights.

Tom: There is a new computer on the teacher’s desk. How many students

are there in your class?

Amy: Twenty.

Tom: Great! Where is your seat?

Amy: It’s near the door.

(1) Amy has a new canteen. ( )

(2) The classroom is small and nice. ( )

(3) There are four fans in the classroom. ( )

(4) There is a new computer on Amy’s desk. ( )

(5) There are twenty students in the class. ( )

(6) Amy’s seat is near the door. ( )


一、1. Go to the garden. Water the flowers.

2. It’s warm today! Take off your jacket!

3. Go to the teacher’s office. Hand in the homework.

4. It’s 7:00. It’s time for breakfast..

5. I like tomatoes. Juicy and red.

二、1. How many books do you have?

2. What time is it?

3. What colour is your skirt?

4. Can I help you?

5. How much is the shirt?

三、 Zip: Can I help you?

Zoom: Yes. I want six bananas and four apples.

Zip: OK.

Zoom: I also want eight oranges, five pears and two big watermelons. How much are they?

Zip: They’re twenty-nine yuan.

Zoom: I’ll take them.

七、1. It’s eight o’clock. /It’s 8:00. /It’s eight.

2. Yes, it is.

3. It’s yellow./ Yellow.

4. There are six./ Six.

5、No, they aren’t.

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