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spend one’s weekends 度过周末
? A: How do you spend your weekends?
? B: I often…

? A: How does he/she spend his/her weekends? ? B: He/She often…

Step 1 Listen and answer the questions.

1.How many children are there? There are five. 2.Who are they? Mike, Wang Bing, Helen, Yang Ling, Su Hai 3. What are the students talking about ? They’re talking about their weekends.

talk 谈话,讲话 talk about 谈论,议论

Step 2 Read and judge

T or F

Intensive Reading Skills (跳读技巧):
1.快速阅读文章。 2.只找出需要的信息,其他信息迅速跳过。

( 1. It’s Thursday. 2. Wang Bing and Mike both like sport. ( 3. Helen does housework at the weekends. ( But Yang Ling doesn’t . 4.Su Yang often watches TV, sometimes (
she catches butterflies in the park.


) ) ) )

Step 3 Read and fill in the forms
Name Wang Bing Mike Helen
Yang Ling

Often surfs the Internet goes climbing watches TV

Sometimes goes swimming plays basketball listens to music goes to the cinema

and watch cartoons 1. 阅读课文,大声朗读。 Su Yang

Skip Reading Skills(精读技巧): Su Hai

does housework cleans the rooms goes to the park washes clothes catch butterflies


It is Friday afternoon. School ●The Listen carefully and is over. students are talking about their weekends. try to imitate the Mike: How do you spend your pronunciation and tone. weekends, Wang Bing?
Wang Bing: I surf the Internet. 音语调) It’s very interesting. I learn a lot from it.

Helen: Do you do it every Saturday and Sunday?
Wang Bing: No. Sometimes I go swimming. Sometimes I play basketball. I like sport. How about you? Mike: I like sport, too. I often go climbing. Sometimes I listen to music or go to the cinema.

Helen: I like watching TV at home. How do you spend your weekends, Yang Ling? Yang Ling: I often go to the park. I like playing on the swings.

Helen: I do housework at the weekends. Do you do housework, too?

Yang Ling: Of course, I do. I clean the rooms and wash the clothes. How about you, Su Hai?
Su Hai: I often watch cartoons. Yang Ling: How does Su Yang spend her weekends? Su Hai: She often watches cartoons, too. Sometimes we catch butterflies in the park.


sport watch catch

plays goes watching


At the weekends, Wang Bing often surfs the
Internet, sometimes he ( ) swimming or

likes (

) basketball, he likes (

) , Helen

)TV, she and Yang Ling often ) cartoons, sometimes they

( (

) housework at home, the twins(双胞胎) )butterflies in the park.


1.Listen and repeat part A two times.

1.Try to write down your weekends.



Plan your study well,
enjoy your weekends as well!


Thank you!

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