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Where’s the teachers’ office? It’s on the first floor.

Do you have a library? Yes, we do. No, we don’t.

How many students are there in your class? There are forty-five. Is that the playground? Yes, it is.

Is this your computer room? No, it isn’t. It’s the art room. We have a new computer room. Oh. Let’s go and have a look. Let’s go to the playground. All right./OK. Let’s go.

What time is it now? It’s two o’clock.

Is your teacher’s office on the first floor? Yes, it is./No, it isn’t. What’s the weather like today? It’s windy.

Can I go outside now? Yes, you can. /No, you can’t.

Is it warm today? Yes, it is./No, it isn’t.

Is it cold? Yes, it is. Put on your coat.

What are these? They are tomatoes.

What are those? They are potatoes.

What are they? They are horses.

Are these carrots? Yes,they are. No,they aren’t.

Are those green beans? Yes,they are. No,they aren’t. Are they hens? No,they are ducks.

How many cows do you have? One hundred./Seventeen. Whose sweater is this? It’s mine.

Whose pants are these? They are Amy’s.

Whose is it? It’s Mike’s.

Whose are they? They are John’s.

Is this jacket yours? Yes, it is. No,it isn’t. It’s Sarah’s. Are these shorts yours? No,they are your father’s.

What colour is your skirt? It’s pink.

What colour are these dresses? They are white.

Can I help you? Yes.These shoes are nice.Can I try them on? Can I try it on? Of course, here you are.

Can I try them on? Of course,here you are.

How do you like this coat? It’s pretty. It’s cheap. It’s nice. How do you like these socks? They are expensive. They are pretty. How much is the shirt? It’s fifty yuan.

How much are the shorts? They are forty yuan.

Are they OK? No,they aren’t. They are too small.

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